The ‘ELTons’ Award making its debut in the Middle East

Middle East & United Kingdom: Aspiring creative writers in the Middle East are being given the opportunity to make their first break into the English language publishing industry (the poor Buggers don’t know what they’re getting in to) through a new award: the British Council’s ‘prestigious’ ELTons Awards.

The ELTons, inconceivably now in their eighth year, are a celebration of excellence in English Language Teaching, apparently recognising significant and innovative advances in the theory of ELT learning, teaching and research. This new ELTons award category joins the long-established group of British Council Innovation Awards. You can tell how excited I am, can’t you?

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Any ELT professional can apply for consideration for one of the categories and the call for entries is now open and an application pack can be downloaded here. The deadline for entries is September 30th, 2009, so I suggest inundating them with crap, banal ideas that you heard in a conference five years ago.

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