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It's Hot Potatoes charity month

The following is a message from Martin Holmes, the creator of Hot Potatoes, which is probably the best tool for creating online teaching exercises and one I’ve been using for years: May is Charity Month for Half-Baked Software, which means … Continue reading

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Bilingual babies get a head start before they can even talk

Here’s an interesting finding from the National Geographic: Even before they can babble a single word, babies in bilingual households may get a head start in life, according to a team of scientists in Italy. Rather than confusing babies, hearing … Continue reading

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I can't compete with this

Happy new year to all of you, wherever you find yourself mired in the life of the professional TEFLer. Now, I’ve never resorted to getting my kit off in order to teach a particular language point and I’m sure my … Continue reading

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Americans set to learn English

English can be a tough language to learn, just ask the misunderestimated outgoing president of the United States, but the federal government hopes to make it easier with a free website intended to improve access to language instruction for immigrants, … Continue reading

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It's partly Greek to me

Celia Webb has followed up her article ‘Improving Vocabulary through Latin Prefixes‘ over at the ELT Times with ‘It was Greek to Me: Improving Your English by Knowing Greek Roots‘. ‘Greek provides many important prefixes, suffixes, and roots used in … Continue reading

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Improving Vocabulary through Latin Prefixes

‘English contains many words adopted from other languages‘, notes Celia Webb, somewhat emphatically, over at the ELT Times: the World’s first online TEFL Newspaper. ‘In fact‘, she proclaims, ‘experts estimate 80% of English words originated elsewhere. The biggest influence on … Continue reading

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Sesame Street Targets English Language Learners

In news that fills my heart with joy, I was delighted to learn of the emergence of Sesame Street English, a new 26×2-minute series from Sesame Workshop featuring anime-style versions of the show’s signature Muppets introducing preschoolers to the English … Continue reading

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Is Watching Dvds A Good Way To Learn A New Language?

In this article, Ken O’Brien offers his opinion on the use of DVDs in language learning. Yes and no. One of the positives of course is that you can get to hear the language spoken very naturally. You can hear … Continue reading

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Classic Chinglish Cockups

Chinglish is widely recognised as being the hybrid of Chinese and English, often creating mesmerising results. I’ve been lucky enough to have been in email correspondence with Jimmy Ng, who I’m pleased to say is a regular reader of the … Continue reading

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What materials do you need to teach?

As ever, a video clip is worth a thousand words… Here is another informative clip from Post Footer automatically generated by Add Post Footer Plugin for wordpress.

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