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The future of online TEFL/ESL supplementary resources through intelligent handout matching

Another phenomenal guest piece by Will Pearson, this time using his own as inspiration. Intelligent handout matching, where an online database of TEFL/ESL handouts are matched for use with leading English course books, is where TEFL/ESL supplementation is heading … Continue reading

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What Will Globalization Do to Languages?

Stephen J. Dubner recently posed the question, ‘what will globalization do to languages?’ on the Freakonomics blog of the New York Times. The article contains the views of some notable folk, including Christian Rolling, Mark Liberman, Henry Hitchings, and John … Continue reading

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English’s Bleak Future

So, we think English will be the all-dominant language forever, do we? Not bloody likely, if Nicholas Ostler is to be believed in his recent article for Forbes: The status of English as an international language appears unassailable. It is … Continue reading

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The future of English: In whose hands?

Interesting article from FT: Whose language? By Michael Skapinker Published: November 8 2007 19:55 Chung Dong-young, a former television anchorman and candidate to be president of South Korea, may be behind in the opinion polls but one of his campaign … Continue reading

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