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Should you really do the DELTA?

Jenny Johnson has written an article in support of doing the dreaded DELTA course over on the Guardian TEFL News website. As ever, the vast majority of this section of the Guardian is one giant promotional opportunity for Cactus TEFL, … Continue reading

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Project DELTA

I received a very interesting email from Nergiz Kern recently, informing me about Project DELTA, a wiki that Nergiz has set up relating to the DELTA course. Here’s some background info: Who is this Wiki for? For teachers like me … Continue reading

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DELTA Discourse advice

A very informative and interesting thread has opened up on the general discussion forum concerning the DELTA. The ever giving and knowlegdeable mmcmorrow has offered the following advice on those thinking of doing an assignment on discourse: This is a … Continue reading

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Is it OK to Speak Engrish?

Language Transfer, (also known as L1 interference, linguistic interference, and cross meaning) is most commonly discussed in the context of English language learning and teaching, but it can occur in any situation when someone does not have a native-level command … Continue reading

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A brief history of second language acquisition

As the suggests, this file offers a brief description of the history of L2 acquisition… Post Footer automatically generated by Add Post Footer Plugin for wordpress.

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Proposed Changes to the DELTA

Here’s the latest on the proposed changes to the DELTA course, courtesy of the excellent mmcmorrow over on the Teacher Training Forum: There’s a fairly comprehensive review article about DELTA and the changes that are coming up from Sept 2008 … Continue reading

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Why Start a Teacher Forum?

‘Why did you start your own English teachers forum?’ I’m often asked. Quite simply, I used to be a member of Dave’s ESL Cafe job discussion forums many, many moons ago. I stopped using the site when it became practically … Continue reading

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More Recommended Texts for the DELTA

Over on the Teacher Training Forum people have been busy making further suggestions for suggested reading texts for the DELTA course. Leprofdanglais suggests The English Verb by Michael Swan. ‘Lots of teachers hate it, but people should at least have read … Continue reading

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21st Century Teacher Training: ITI Istanbul PART 2

Read the concluding part of the interview with the teacher trainers of ITI Istanbul: Image courtesy of Do you feel that courses such as CELTA and DELTA adequately prepare teachers of English? What would you do to change things … Continue reading

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21st Century Teacher Training: ITI Istanbul

The International Training Institute (ITI) specialises in teacher training and development. They have been conducting teacher training courses since 1988 and boast one of the highest success ratios worldwide. ITI is internationally recognised as a leading centre for the Cambridge … Continue reading

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