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A good way of teaching relative clauses

Here’s a good way of teaching relative clauses with an emphasis on speaking: Click here for the detailed lesson plan from Thomas Lavelle, courtesy of Ask Thomas. Post Footer automatically generated by Add Post Footer Plugin for wordpress.

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Horizons 4 Extracts #5: Jack Snow’s way of Dealing with the Past

Here is the final offering in a series the extracts from the newly available issue four of the ever popular Horizons journal. In this extract, Joseph Bleazard gives us a fiction based on the notion of teaching English tenses: In … Continue reading

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Great Grammar Teaching Tips: Would Rather

In my teaching environment I’m blessed with great Access to IT and my students have constant Access to the internet, consequently I use this as a teaching tool regularly in my classes. One thing I often do is a quick … Continue reading

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Error Correction with Madrid Teacher

Another great video from the website, this time focusing on error correction techniques. He gets through quite a list of alternatives here, and if you’re new to this game, some of what he says might not make too much … Continue reading

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Where do you Stand? Practicing Modals

If you’re teaching or revising modal verbs such as should and have to, one resource you could exploit is the Political Compass Test. Basically, it’s a set of thought provoking questions which indicate your political stance. Many of the questions … Continue reading

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Not Hangman Again! English Droid’s Games

A fine collection of games for the English language classroom is available in PDF format over at the ever hilarious English Droid website. Covering old favourites such as hangman, battleships and blockbusters, as well as variations on common adaptable classroom fun … Continue reading

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20 Great Links for the TOEFL Exam

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Guide to the TOEFL

I’ve just launched a new section of the blog, my guide to the TOEFL exam, starting off with my 5 essential texts for the TOEFL exam. If you have any experiences, good or bad, of the TOEFL, I’d love to hear … Continue reading

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Teaching Grammar with Road Runner

Those of us with a bit of experience in the ELT game know that TV programs are a great resource for teaching the present continuous tense, they lend themselves so nicely to explaining what is happening right now, at this … Continue reading

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