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Would you work in conditions like this?

I found the follow example of an early 21st Century TEFL Job ad over at the TurkeyCentral forum and it got me wondering, would any of you work under these conditions? I’ve removed any info that could help you identify … Continue reading

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5 things to think about when you’re freelancing

Freelancing exists in all walks of life and might well prove to be a great way for you to earn a decent living as an English teacher. It’s a difficult way to survive if you’re only living on freelance income, … Continue reading

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Are you in a TEFL slump?

‘People on this board almost always seem so cheerful and upbeat,’ notes atlantean on the ELT World forum. ‘Have you ever questioned the soundness of your decision to get into TEFL? I don’t have much to complain about, but the … Continue reading

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