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Africa – Asia – Middle East news roundup

Time for a look at the magical world of TEFL in Rwanda, Egypt, Bahrain, the UAE and Pakistan. Rwandan teachers back at school to help country’s anglophone ambitions Although French now ranks as an official language alongside Kinyarwanda and English, … Continue reading

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UAE: Why Arab students find English tricky

Gulf News notes that a study by the British University in Dubai has indicated that insufficient attention is paid to spelling principles and this results in poor written English among Arab learners. An education expert has noted that, in order … Continue reading

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Ireland and Saudi Arabia: Saudi language school plan sparks ‘ghetto’ row

Rock that shit homies. A plan to house 750 Saudi students on a live-in English language school outside Dublin has raised concerns in government departments, notes the Irish Independent. Government sources have expressed concern that it conflicts with integration policy … Continue reading

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The ‘ELTons’ Award making its debut in the Middle East

Middle East & United Kingdom: Aspiring creative writers in the Middle East are being given the opportunity to make their first break into the English language publishing industry (the poor Buggers don’t know what they’re getting in to) through a … Continue reading

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Saudi Arabia: Arab News sponsors 4 girls for English course

This wouldn’t exactly be newsworthy in most cases but given that it’s taking place in the Hell on Earth known commonly as Saudi Arabia I guess it’s worth mentioning. The Arab News is to sponsor* four of 15 women students … Continue reading

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United Arab Emirates: Maths and science to be taught in English

All pupils in state high schools will be taught maths and science in English by the year 2012, the Abu Dhabi Education Council (Adec) said yesterday. At the launch of its 10-year strategic plan, Adec said it aimed to see … Continue reading

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United Arab Emirates: Language institute helping to bridge cultures

United Arab Emirates: The Polyglot Language Institute, located near Al Nassr Square, in the heart of Dubai’s commercial district, is where Russians shop for fur jackets, people lunch at Iranian restaurants and where you can purchase sleek but inexpensive Indian … Continue reading

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British Council launches portfolio of newservices at TESOL Arabia 2009 – Dubai

United Kingdom and UAE: Those loveable rogues the British Council, the world’s infamously largest English language teaching organisation, has launched a range of new global English teaching and learning services, debuting the new services in the UAE, at the TESOL … Continue reading

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Teaching English in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia: The need for native-speaking English teachers is strong in the Kingdom. Osman Mamoor, a 33-year-old English teacher from New York at The Wall Street Institute School of English, noted he has seen certain differences as well as similarities … Continue reading

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Hebrew Uni project for teaching English benefits high schools

Israel: Ten high schools in Israel’s periphery are reaping the benefits of a Hebrew University-led project that provides state-of-the-art English-language learning centers and innovative teaching methods. The English Language Centers (ELC) project, headed by the Hebrew University’s National Council of … Continue reading

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