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The ‘clown prince’ of junk food to teach English to young Swedes

It’s headlines like this that make you feel like you’re fighting a losing battle. English-language worksheets featuring bloody Ronald McDonald, extolling the virtues of fast food, is being used by some Swedish schools, ‘to the chagrin of educators, outraging some … Continue reading

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English education Swedish style

Sweden and South Korea: ‘Today the English language level of the Swedish population is among the highest of all non-English-speaking countries in Europe. In Sweden we never imported English teachers from abroad,’ exlaims Ylva Olausson in the Korea Herald. ‘We … Continue reading

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Germany and Sweden: How Good Is the English Written by Swedish Advanced Learners?

Monika Mondor describes what is characteristic for the written English of advanced learners and examines how students of English at university level use phrasal verbs in written English. Mondor’s study reveals three principal differences between Swedish learners and native speakers. … Continue reading

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