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China: Shanghai police crack down on illegal foreign teachers

Recently, the Minhang Police Entry and Exit Administrative Department of the Shanghai Public Security Bureau began renewing efforts to combat the “three illegalities” for foreigners: illegal immigration, illegal residence and illegal employment. It has recently been discovered, notes eChinaCities website, … Continue reading

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Ganbei! China embraces the English language

In an effort to promote internationalism, China is learning English. Over the next five years, all state employees younger than 40 will be required to master at least 1,000 English phrases, and all schools will begin teaching English in kindergarten. … Continue reading

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From Brooklyn to Beijing… and into a Caldron

China: China had captivated the imagination of Paul Cabo for as long as he could remember. Maybe it started with the documentaries he saw as a child about the Great Wall. Or his desire to understand his recently immigrated Chinese … Continue reading

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China: Online English tutor is a lesson in adaptive advertising

Here’s how it goes… “I have a regular salary,” he says, reading lines off a computer screen. The voice-recognition software evaluates his answer: 100 per cent. “Would you describe your work as stable?” continues Lucy. “Yes. How long will it … Continue reading

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Chinese monks receive English training at Shanghaiuniversity

A group of Chinese monks, most of whom hold bachelor’s and even master’s degrees, completed an eight-month English training course at a Shanghai language university Saturday and were awarded certificates. According to XinhuaNet, the 22 monks, all from monasteries in … Continue reading

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China: 8D World aims to teach English language through gaming

A stealthy 8D World last year looked like Age of Empires for the Asian market. It turns out, hopwever, they’re teaching English as a foreign language, with a beta product launched this month. The 8D World product is a fantastical … Continue reading

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Breaking a TEFL contract before starting?

Over the the ELT World forum, Naturegirl321, author of the excellent TEFL Tips blog, recently raised this issue: ‘So here’s the thing, After six years I’ve learned to have a backup plan. Something always goes wrong. For example, here are … Continue reading

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Chinese are Learning English the Disney Way

China: According to the Wall Street Journal, Mickey Mouse has a new job in China: teaching kids how to speak English at new schools owned by Walt Disney popping up in the bustling city. The company says the initiative is … Continue reading

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Pearson purchases English teaching business in China

United Kingdom & China: UK publishing group Pearson is buying Wall Street English, one of China’s top English language-training companies, for $145 million (in cash) to cement its position in a critical growth market, according to Reuters. Pearson, the world’s … Continue reading

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Aviation English training set to 'take off'

First of all, sorry, that pun is so lame I’m embarrassed to have put it in the title. Now, down to important business. Do you know your autonomous integrity monitor from your airborne data link processor? What do you mean … Continue reading

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