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Speaking in Tongues: Bilingual Education and US Immigrant Communities

Consider the ‘divisive’ nature of bilingual education in American society: is it the natural representation of the functional and celebrated diversity of America, or is it an insidious wedge guaranteed only to sow rancor? This is the subject of an … Continue reading

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French pop music finds its voice with English language lyrics

Over the last three years, notes the Guardian, there has been a rise in the number of French artists choosing to sing in English, despite quotas requiring at least 40% of music played on radio stations to be in French. … Continue reading

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Does the NCLB act promote monolingualism?

The United States is now eight years into the No Child Left Behind Act and educators, researchers, and advocates remain locked in heated debate over the effects of the law’s testing and accountability mandates on students, many from immigrant homes … Continue reading

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Malaysia: Government mulls 2011 implementation of new policy to teach science and maths

The Malaysian government, still not content about the amount of damage it’s done, is considering bringing forward the implementation of the new policy to replace the Teaching and Learning of Science and Mathematics in English (PPSMI) to 2011 for Year … Continue reading

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South Korea: British Dulwich to Offer 3 Language Courses

Not that offering courses in three (that’s 3) different languages is any kind of record, but prospective students of Dulwich College, scheduled to open in Seoul in 2010 will have a chance to learn three languages at the same time. … Continue reading

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Bilingual babies get a head start before they can even talk

Here’s an interesting finding from the National Geographic: Even before they can babble a single word, babies in bilingual households may get a head start in life, according to a team of scientists in Italy. Rather than confusing babies, hearing … Continue reading

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