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My teacher is an old cow

Would you be offended if you were described in such a way? Metaphors reveal international differences in how students and societies regard teachers, notes the Guardian. The images that learners around the world use for their teachers and study reveal … Continue reading

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Speaking in Tongues: Bilingual Education and US Immigrant Communities

Consider the ‘divisive’ nature of bilingual education in American society: is it the natural representation of the functional and celebrated diversity of America, or is it an insidious wedge guaranteed only to sow rancor? This is the subject of an … Continue reading

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Why we have problems with ‘foreign’ accents

So, you don’t like the sound of that shifty foreign student, eh? Don’t worry, it’s not your fault, it’s your stupid brain playing tricks on you. Of the many indignities international students endure, notes the Scientific American, accent discrimination may … Continue reading

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The best place to live in the World?

You might be surprised. Click here to read the thread on the ELT World forums. Note that there is probably a difference between ‘live’ and ‘scrape by on a TEFL wage’. Post Footer automatically generated by Add Post Footer Plugin … Continue reading

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How not to hate the natives by Alex Case

Living in foreign countries for extended periods of time, we’re bound to come up against aspects of other cultures which go beyond merely irritating us. For example, I’m constantly baffled as to how no one out of the estimated 15 … Continue reading

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