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English language education in Korea: Is it a fad or the future?

About one-third the size of Japan, South Korea now outspends its Asian rival by a margin of three to one in English language education, according to unofficial industry estimates. Due to its largely underground nature, notes Yonhap News, estimates as … Continue reading

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The benefit of robot teachers: No ‘Moral Problems’

Robots may not be that good at teaching—not yet, anyway—but at least you don’t have to do background checks on them. This unusual project in South Korea aims to create robots that can teach English to schoolchildren in Seoul, and … Continue reading

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The big Australasia TEFL news roundup

Here are some recent TEFL headlines from around the region. South Korea: Language education ‘starts in the womb’ Bilingual education starts from womb, a research team led by Krista Byers-Heinlein and Janet Werker from the University of British Columbia claims … Continue reading

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Native English teachers establish a labour union in Incheon

South Korea: In an intriguing news item from the Korea Times, a labour union, comprised of native English teachers working for a hagwon (Korean language institute), has been established in Incheon, with representation from a legal expert on labour. Amazingly, … Continue reading

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Teachers of 'Other English(es)'?

English is now a global language, keeping us all in work lest we forget, shared not by only the British, N. Americans and Australians, but South Africans, Singaporeans, Filipinos, Indians, Jamaicans, and many others. In this state of affairs, we … Continue reading

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King of the TEFL Bloggers on Professional Development

EFL Geek is probably the king of TEFL bloggers, so it’s always nice to get a nod from him on what I’m trying to achieve over here at ELT World. The Geek has made yet another notable addition to the … Continue reading

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What up TEFL Asia?

Here are the latest TEFL headlines from Asia. Head over to the ELT World News blog for more: China: Crazy English India: How Good Are We in English? Sri Lanka: Arming the People With a Weapon of Choice Malaysia: English Language Project a Success Perspective on Bilingual Educational System … Continue reading

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The (TEFL) World has gone Mad

Every time I present one of my ELT news roundups, it really sinks in how little the buggers in power know about language teaching. No matter where you are in the world, it seems there’s some moron beating on about … Continue reading

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Korean President Takes TEFL Bull by Horns

A couple of recent articles mentioning initiatives of President Lee Myung-bak. First up… well, don’t you just love it when politicians try to introduce competitiveness into education! Lee Urges Teachers to Compete With Each Other President Lee Myung-bak on Thursday … Continue reading

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Asia TEFL Headlines

Korea: Korean Students Undaunted by Body English Brouhaha Koreans studying here find the conditions ideal for them to learn English as a second language, said a top official of the Bureau of Immigration. “The country’s cost of quality education and … Continue reading

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