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United States: Business English speakers can still be divided by a Common Language

Business is the most popular subject for international students in the United States, notes VOA News website. An estimated 21% of foreign students at American colleges and universities are studying business and management. So, what are the effects on the … Continue reading

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India’s outcasts are putting their faith in English

When India’s prime minister Manmohan Singh recalled, during a lecture at Oxford University in 2005, the legacies that his country had inherited from British rule, he placed the English language and the education system above all others. This, notes the … Continue reading

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Georgia: Still fighting Russia, but this time it’s with words

Tblisi: The new teacher who arrived recently at School No. 161 could barely speak a word of the Georgian language, knew little about local customs and easily got lost in the crazy-quilt streets of this hilly capital. But, notes the … Continue reading

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Indonesia: High-tech help for plugged-in teachers

The Virtual Teachers Support Network, funded by the British Council and the National Education Ministry, is a free online service where English language teachers can access lesson plans and share ideas.  English language teachers across the country, notes the Jakarta … Continue reading

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Does Sudan need English to build bridges between North and South

Whether the country decides to split or not, notes the Guardian, it will need a neutral language to continue the peace process and to speak to the rest of the world. Will it be English and, more importantly, can English … Continue reading

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UK: School curriculum has been ‘slimmed down’

The number of compulsory subjects in England’s national school curriculum, notes the BBC, is to be cut to four from September by Education Secretary Michael Gove. All schools will have to teach English, maths, science and PE with experts to … Continue reading

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Brunei’s education model… an unsung story

Brunei: Brunei’s education model has been an ‘unsung success story’. Research, notes Brunei Direct, has indicated its attainment levels in English were considerably better than neighbouring countries’, the chief executive of CfBT Education Trust (United Kingdom) told The Brunei Times … Continue reading

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United States: National Conversations on English Learner Education

The U.S. Department of Education’s Office of English Language Acquisition (OELA), in partnership with the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanic Americans and the White House Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, is pleased to announce a … Continue reading

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United States: Subject Matters – Reading, Writing… and Readying for Tests

It’s the best of times and the worst of times, exclaims the unusually Dickensian CNN, for English teachers as they find themselves more accountable than ever for the academic success of their students, while balancing new technologies that change time-honored … Continue reading

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United States: Feds Make ELLs a Priority for Tests Based on Common-Core Standards

The federal government, notes Education Week, is intending to provide grants for the development of English-language-proficiency assessments that are aligned with the national common-core standards. The proposed grant competition would push the country toward more uniformity for the definition of … Continue reading

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