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English is replacing ‘retreating’ Russian in Georgia

Hundreds of native English speakers joined the first day of school last week as teaching assistants under an ambitious program to have every child aged five to 16 speak English. English is now compulsory, and Russian optional. The aim, notes … Continue reading

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Georgia: Saakashvili speaks of the ‘Linguistic Computer Revolution’

Georgian President Saakashvili said that English language classes would become compulsory from the first grade in schools, and that every first-grade schoolchild would be given an XO mini-laptop from next year as part of the “linguistic and computer revolution” plan. … Continue reading

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Georgia: Student in a Strange Land

Christina Shunnarah is a 7th-year kindergarten teacher at the International Community School (I.C.S.), in Decatur, Ga. It is a DeKalb County charter school founded in 2002 with about 100 students; it now serves over 400, from kindergarten through sixth grade. … Continue reading

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