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India’s outcasts are putting their faith in English

When India’s prime minister Manmohan Singh recalled, during a lecture at Oxford University in 2005, the legacies that his country had inherited from British rule, he placed the English language and the education system above all others. This, notes the … Continue reading

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India: The ‘Khul ja sim sim’ tongue of the world

You can forget “the Queen’s English”, a term that dates back to 1592 and is snobbily defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as “the English language as regarded as under the guardianship of the Queen; hence, standard or correct English”. … Continue reading

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The big Australasia TEFL news roundup

Here are some recent TEFL headlines from around the region. South Korea: Language education ‘starts in the womb’ Bilingual education starts from womb, a research team led by Krista Byers-Heinlein and Janet Werker from the University of British Columbia claims … Continue reading

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