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A quick conversation warmer…

What are these two talking about? Courtesy of NikPeachey on Twitter. Post Footer automatically generated by Add Post Footer Plugin for wordpress.

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A dummies guide to chunking

In recent decades, notes the New York Times, the study of language acquisition and instruction has increasingly focused on ‘chunking’: how children learn language not so much on a word-by-word basis but in larger “lexical chunks” or meaningful strings of … Continue reading

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French pop music finds its voice with English language lyrics

Over the last three years, notes the Guardian, there has been a rise in the number of French artists choosing to sing in English, despite quotas requiring at least 40% of music played on radio stations to be in French. … Continue reading

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The Top 8 Reasons to get Started Learning Chinese

China (PRC) is experiencing a period of speedy economic transition, one built upon the back of a phenomenal catch-up, but which has also triggered a chain of social and cultural changes that will be on display for the world to … Continue reading

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What Will Globalization Do to Languages?

Stephen J. Dubner recently posed the question, ‘what will globalization do to languages?’ on the Freakonomics blog of the New York Times. The article contains the views of some notable folk, including Christian Rolling, Mark Liberman, Henry Hitchings, and John … Continue reading

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Is it OK to Speak Engrish?

Language Transfer, (also known as L1 interference, linguistic interference, and cross meaning) is most commonly discussed in the context of English language learning and teaching, but it can occur in any situation when someone does not have a native-level command … Continue reading

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