Would you have done this for a job?

Simple question: would you have done what this person did to try and get a job in the Gulf?

She flew me to Qatar on a 1-way ticket (despite my several written requests for a return ticket since it seemed to be only an interview), refused even to pay for my Entry Upon Arrival Visa (when I gave her my visa receipt she said it was not part of the deal even though I flew there for an interview with her school), failed to utter any truths during my meetings with her, lied through her teeth about everything, contradicted herself on several occasions and treated me in a condescending manner throughout our entire exchanges. Get this. She would not even nail down a time for the interview and when I asked for a written confirmation of my interview before I flew to Qatar, she flatly refused. I had asked her several times in writing and verbally; “Is this an interview?” She threatened to call the whole thing off as soon as I asked her a few very routine questions about the teaching assignment and to clarify whether my visit was an interview or for me to start the position. Her exact words were; “You are making demands.” This was in response to my questions about whether I would be attending an interview, details on teaching assignment, the time of the interview, commencement date of position and terms/conditions of position. I did not receive any documentation from her about the subject or grade level to be taught. The whole thing was very vague and when I asked politely for a few basic details, she sent me a 1-line email saying she was calling the whole thing off since I was too pushy. I convinced her to reconsider as I had only asked a few reasonable run-of-the-mill questions. The night before I was to fly, at 7:30 pm, I still had not received my flight details so I phoned the head and asked what time my flight left the following day. She informed me I would have to be at the airport at 8:00 a.m. which I thought was odd since as late as 7:30 pm the night prior I had not been told of my flight times. I had asked for a Letter of Offer prior to my departure from my point of origin but she refused to provide this or clarify if I was to attend an interview or commence a teacher position with her school. I told her I needed to have something to show customs officials; interview time, letter of offer – anything or I could be refused exit from my point of origin, boarding of my flight and entry to Qatar. She flatly refused and put me at risk of not being able to fly as it is an international aviation requirement to travel on a return ticket when entering a country on a tourist visa. She did not inform me of any visa procedures upon my arrival in Qatar; or inform me that I would have to purchase a visa at the Qatar Airport at a cost of USD$35. This is how it unfolded once I decided to take the risk and fly there…

This isn’t the end of the story. Check out the Middle East forum for the rest. Peronally, I feel quite sorry for the individual who has been treated in this way, while at the same time questioning why anyone would even entertain the idea of flying out to the gulf under such conditions of lies and half promises.

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  1. via @ELTworld Would you have done this for a job? – Simple question: would you have done what this person did to try… http://ow.ly/1aDLeY

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