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Become a ‘Roving Reporter’ at IATEFL Brighton

Enter the competition to become a Roving Reporter at the IATEFL Annual International Conference, Brighton 15 – 19 April 2011 The British Council and IATEFL will send four Roving Reporters to the IATEFL Conference in Brighton, UK in April 2011. … Continue reading

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The ‘ELTons’ Award making its debut in the Middle East

Middle East & United Kingdom: Aspiring creative writers in the Middle East are being given the opportunity to make their first break into the English language publishing industry (the poor Buggers don’t know what they’re getting in to) through a … Continue reading

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Saudi Arabia: Arab News sponsors 4 girls for English course

This wouldn’t exactly be newsworthy in most cases but given that it’s taking place in the Hell on Earth known commonly as Saudi Arabia I guess it’s worth mentioning. The Arab News is to sponsor* four of 15 women students … Continue reading

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Russia: Kicked out of school?

Moscow’s City Duma has suggested an amendment to a new law that would require all teachers to apply for work permits… in addition to the work visas which currently allow them to teach here. Also, according to the amendment’s author, … Continue reading

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United Kingdom: English teaching ‘outstanding’ at Challney Boys

A school where more than 40 different languages are spoken by pupils has just been commended by the ever reliable Ofsted for its ‘outstanding’ English teaching. At Challney Boys School nearly all of the pupils are from ethnic minorities and … Continue reading

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‘One-answer’ IELTS comes under scrutiny

United Kingdom: Academia’s leading language exam has won favour among immigration authorities, but that could be about to change if calls for more diversity in assessment gain a hearing, reports Max de Lotbinière at the Guardian. With international student mobility … Continue reading

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Pearson purchases English teaching business in China

United Kingdom & China: UK publishing group Pearson is buying Wall Street English, one of China’s top English language-training companies, for $145 million (in cash) to cement its position in a critical growth market, according to Reuters. Pearson, the world’s … Continue reading

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British Council launches portfolio of newservices at TESOL Arabia 2009 – Dubai

United Kingdom and UAE: Those loveable rogues the British Council, the world’s infamously largest English language teaching organisation, has launched a range of new global English teaching and learning services, debuting the new services in the UAE, at the TESOL … Continue reading

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Tunisia to launch English language teaching reform project

Tunisia: Middle East Online reports that the Tunisian Ministry of Education and Training signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the British Council in London Tuesday, to prepare for a huge project aimed at English language teaching reform in all … Continue reading

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British Council marks 10 years in Sharjah

United Arab Emirates & United Kingdom: The British Council has been present and active in Sharjah for 10 years, and has significantly increased the size of its teaching and support staff over this time, to meet local demand from an … Continue reading

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