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ELT World TEFL Website of the month: ESL Games World

ESL Games World If you’re looking for new games and activities to play with your English learners, ESL Games World will be of great help. This site offers both printable and interactive games. English learners can practice their vocabulary and … Continue reading

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Survival Tips for Teaching Kids English: 30 Tips and Resources

Shelley Terrell teaches English to children, teens, and adult students in Germany and works as an online technology and English instructor. This is a post from her blog, Teacher Reboot Camp: Challenging Ourselves to Engage Our Students. Read more here… … Continue reading

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8 great ideas for class blog posts

If this post were a tin then the contents of it would be exactly what you’d find written on said tin. Did that make sense? 1. Share a photograph of your classroom Explain about the different parts of it and … Continue reading

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Maintaining discipline with 10/11 year olds

Here is a lovely post from the forum that I want to share with you all, courtesy of sollettspain: I have a class of 10/11 year olds at elementary level. I teach them twice a week for an hour at … Continue reading

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The Critical Period Hypothesis

What is it about being a child that enables us to learn our first language so well? This issue is discussed in the latest in my series of free downloadable articles, the critical period hypothesis: Subscribe to David’s English Teaching … Continue reading

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Teaching Grammar with Road Runner

Those of us with a bit of experience in the ELT game know that TV programs are a great resource for teaching the present continuous tense, they lend themselves so nicely to explaining what is happening right now, at this … Continue reading

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Teaching kids in Taiwan

How do you rate this teacher? It looks to me like the kids are having a really fun time, plus the repetition drills are probably driving home the language to some extent.Do they look comfortable with the ‘you will die’ … Continue reading

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