Why HLT Magazine?

I really like the online journal Humanising Language Teaching. A lot of people take cheap shots at it but I think it serves a valuable purpose in the profession. Not only does it regularly feature contributions from TEFL heavyweights such as eremy Harmer, Herbert Puchta, Rod Boliltho, Adrian Underhill, Mario Rinvolucri, Peter Grundy, Michael Rundell and Tessa [...]

ENGLISH FOR LIFE: The 6th International and 10th National ATECR Conference

The Sixth International and Tenth National ATECR Conference
The 6th International and 10th National Conference will be held in České Budějovice from 12 to 14 September, 2008 and promises to be an absolute belter. It will be hosted by the Department of English of the Pedagogical Faculty of the University of South Bohemia. This highlight [...]

Your boss is Going to Dublin to Drink Guinness

Academic Management: Establishing and sustaining a learning cultureDublin, May 23-25, 2008Yes folks, those weird and wonderful folks at IATEFL have gone and done it again. This time the ‘special interest’ conference aims to provide a forum for exploring how to establish excellent academic management skills and systems. It also aims to stimulate discussion and reflection [...]

King of the TEFL Bloggers on Professional Development

EFL Geek is probably the king of TEFL bloggers, so it’s always nice to get a nod from him on what I’m trying to achieve over here at ELT World. The Geek has made yet another notable addition to the TEFL Blogosphere with his recent look into the magical world of professionalism and professional [...]

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