EFL Geek is probably the king of TEFL bloggers, so it’s always nice to get a nod from him on what I’m trying to achieve over here at ELT World. The Geek has made yet another notable addition to the TEFL Blogosphere with his recent look into the magical world of professionalism and professional development. Actually, this post is a case of me commenting on him commenting on me, if that makes any sense.

As most of you know, I have a strong opinion on the subject of Dave Sperling and his ESL Café mafia, so I was particularly pleased that the onus placed on topics relating to professional development on the ELT World forums have been contrasted to what goes on over at the café. I never get tired of bigging up the fabulous contributions of forum members, so it’s nice again to see the comments made by the likes of Emma and Spiral78 making it into the ‘mainstream’. I want you to head over to the blog and read the article, so I’m not going to post any extracts here.

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