Does the NCLB act promote monolingualism?

The United States is now eight years into the No Child Left Behind Act and educators, researchers, and advocates remain locked in heated debate over the effects of the law’s testing and accountability mandates on students, many from immigrant homes where a language other than English is spoken.

Edweek notes how two recently reported developments reveal [...]

UAE: Why Arab students find English tricky

Gulf News notes that a study by the British University in Dubai has indicated that insufficient attention is paid to spelling principles and this results in poor written English among Arab learners.
An education expert has noted that, in order to produce students who speak better English, they must be made aware of the different language [...]

Ireland and Saudi Arabia: Saudi language school plan sparks ‘ghetto’ row

Rock that shit homies. A plan to house 750 Saudi students on a live-in English language school outside Dublin has raised concerns in government departments, notes the Irish Independent. Government sources have expressed concern that it conflicts with integration policy and could lead to ghettoisation.
Read the full story here.
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The big Australasia TEFL news roundup

Here are some recent TEFL headlines from around the region.
South Korea: Language education ’starts in the womb’
Bilingual education starts from womb, a research team led by Krista Byers-Heinlein and Janet Werker from the University of British Columbia claims to have found. The researchers compared the reactions of newborn babies whose mothers are monolingual in English [...]

South Korea: Animosity against English teachers in Seoul

Picture this scene, if you will:
‘It all started with a Halloween party at a bar in 2004. Most everyone was wearing a risque costume; the women were showing a lot of skin.
Many foreign English teachers attended. When the photographs made their way to the internet, the English teachers were blamed. Critics objected to the revealing [...]

Colombia: Teaching English to the Colombian Police

Two Professors faced the task of teaching English to members of the national police force when they went to Colombia last summer. Their task was to teach English to about 100 members of the national police force for six weeks. Dr. Keith Terry, a UNK professor, noted;
‘They’re working more and more with the American military. [...]

Malaysia: The English language is ‘not’ being neglected

The Malaysian Government’s decision not to continue teaching Science and Mathematics in English does not mean the language is being neglected, at least that’s what the Education Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin claims.
A number of new initiatives are being planned to upgrade the teaching of English in schools and to strengthen the command of [...]

The ‘clown prince’ of junk food to teach English to young Swedes

It’s headlines like this that make you feel like you’re fighting a losing battle. English-language worksheets featuring bloody Ronald McDonald, extolling the virtues of fast food, is being used by some Swedish schools, ‘to the chagrin of educators, outraging some parents, and apparently ‘unbeknownst’ to the company‘ according to newspaper Svenska Dagsbladet.
The paper, as [...]

Nepal: U.S. Embassy Sponsors ‘English by Radio’ Program

Good news for all mountain lovers. The U.S. Embassy-sponsored ‘English by Radio program’ went on air as of December 25th, on Radio Sagarmatha. The 52-segment (whatever that may be) English language program is produced by this community FM radio station, in collaboration with Nepal English Language Teachers’ Association (NELTA), you’ll be delighted to know.
Read [...]

Expats asked to teach English in China

A non-profit social club in downtown Jing’an District is calling for expats to join them and provide free English lessons for poor children in the community because the English school they planned to work with has been closed. Bless.
The social club, named Sunday Youth but known bizarrely as the Good Man Club among young people [...]

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