United States: A blog post responding to Oprah’s Monday show promoting “Waiting for Superman,” was widely read, and sparked a lively discussion.

Valerie Pientka, a National Board certified teacher who read the post, shares a letter she wrote to one of Oprah’s producers about her disappointment in Oprah’s show for not having a teacher’s voice present.

I saw the (Oprah) show and was extremely disappointed. There was no teacher voice. Yes a few seconds of tapings from teachers, but there was no opportunity to hear what a teacher has to say about any topic within education, what a teacher thinks, what is the reality of the classroom, of the student’s lives. We heard a lot from men, but all the female teachers were positioned as a backdrop, which perfectly mirrors the way this profession works. The vast majority of teachers are female, yet hold precious few positions of power, due to a basic lack of respect for children and for the profession.

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