Iditarod Dream Worksheets

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Use these free printable worksheets to go with Houghton Mifflin’s Iditarod Dream in your 5th grade class.

In reading class, we are using Houghton Mifflin’s text book, level 5. Right now, we are in theme two – Expeditions and we are reading Iditarod Dream by Ted Wood. The worksheets we use in class are posted below.

The worksheet collection is a series of Word documents, so you can tweak it a little (or a lot) to suit your particular needs. Basically, I’ve just taken some of the questions from the teacher’s manual (and added a few little zingers of my own.)

Iditarod Dream VocabularyBefore we actually start reading the story we always do a vocabulary activity. Usually, I do some sort of foldable booklet. This is the PPT I put together to go with the vocabulary activity.

Iditarod Dream p. 230B-230C – This worksheet includes a comparison and contrast Venn diagram where the students have to compare the Junior Iditarod to the Annual Adult Iditarod and answer a prediction question. (I did additional research on the adult Iditarod and presented to the class, as background information.)

Iditarod Dream p. 230D - This worksheet requires the students to identify if they think Dusty is a good musher or not. They must provide two examples from the story to support their conclusion.  Also, it asks the students to list descriptive words and phrases that the author uses to create a frantic mood during the sled team’s accident.

Itditarod Dream p. 230F-230G – On this worksheet,  students must identify fact from opinion and list three dog chores that Dusty must do in order to keep his dogs healthy and comfortable during the race.

Iditarod Dreams p. 230H – On this worksheet, the students must give two reasons why Dusty decides not to sleep while at Yenta Station and fill in a timeline outlining Dusty’s dog chores.

Iditarod Dream p. 230I- On this worksheet, the students must tell how they think Noah and Andy will feel about Dusty’s victory.  They must use information and details from the story to support what they think was Dusty’s most important racing decision.



The Mitten – Activites, Lesson Plans and Ideas


The Mitten, by Jan Brett is an excellent book to read with your ELL students during the long Winter doldrums that continue on after the return back to school from the long holiday break.

I’d like to give my friend Miss Christie a special shout out for reminding me about what a fabulous resource Jan Brett’s book, The  Mitten is for ELL students.


The main reason I like The Mitten is because it’s the  perfect Winter themed activity that is great to use during the January/February doldrums.


The sites I’ve included below, contain lots of activities,  lesson plans and ideas that you can use in your classroom.

The Teaching Heart

Homeschool Share

Carol Hurst

Hubbard’s Cupboard


Jan Brett’s Site – Includes some really cute PDF printouts that you can use to have the children retell the story while they  “tuck”  the animals inside the mittens.


Left Mitten

Right Mitten

The Animals that you can tuck inside the mitten.


Solve Math Word Problems

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Math word problems challenge ELL students to use math and language skills at the same time.


Math 16 Word Problems. Medium – This PPT contains 16 medium word problems.  I’ve broken down the equations,  so it will be easy to talk your students through the problems.

The Fly Swat Game

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The fly swat game is very versatile. You can use it for spelling, academic vocabulary, math and just about any subject that requires students to identify a word, sentence, phrase, number or equation.

I’ve gotten a lot of mileage out of this game.

Here’s how we play it in my classroom. First,  I divide the board up into two sides, a side for the boy’s team and a side for the girl’s team.  Next,  I assign a score keeper.  The score keeper sits on a little stool off to the side and keeps track of the points.

On the board,  I put up the vocabulary words we are studying or short sentences that focus on the grammatical skills we are building.  I’ve even  put up clocks to reinforce time-telling skills.

This is also a great game to play for test reviews and reinforcing vocabulary.


Vocabulary Director & Word Detective Literature Circle Response Cards

Literature Circle response cards help students focus in on their task without overwhelming them.

I cruised through my little stash of literature circle resources and decided to condense them into a mini version of some of my favorite literature circle worksheets.

It’s a work in progress…

Vocabulary Director and Word Detective Response Cards - This page contains two vocabulary cards.

The first one is for the Vocabulary Director job. The instructions are below.

While you’re reading, write down at least four words that are new to you. Write down the page number, the paragraph and line you found it on. Write the word and the definition that best fits the sentence. Record the information in the space provided on the cart below. Your next task is to come up with a presentation plan. How will you present it to your group? Will you challenge your group mates to a race to see who will find the word first? Be creative!

The second one is for the Word Detective. The instructions are below.

While you’re reading, write down at least four words that are new to you. Write down the word and the word origin.  Does the word contain any Greek or Latin root words? What is the meaning of the root word? Find the definition that best fits the sentence. Record the information in the space provided on the chart below.


Unit Spelling Words

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What's the scoop? Well, the scoop is that each week the new spelling words will be posted in a PowerPoint that has links to the dictionary for definitions, pronunciation and oh, so much more!


Each week from now on, until the end of the school year,  I will post our new unit spelling words.  Even if you aren’t part of my class,  please feel free to download a copy of the PPT and use it in your classroom to reinforce spelling and vocabulary.

Next to each word will be a “click here” link. The link will take you directly to the dictionary where there will be the definitions, examples and a sound file that  students can listen to for the correct pronunciation of the targeted word.


Spelling Unit 15

Spelling.Unit 16

Spelling Unit 17

Spelling Unit 19

Spelling Unit 20

Unit 21 Spelling Words

Spelling Unit 22

Unit 25 Spelling Words

Unit 26 Spelling

Unit 27 Spelling

Unit 28 Spelling Words

Unit 32 Spelling Words

Plant and Animal Cell PowerPoints

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Download these PowerPoints if you are teaching about the parts of plant and animal cells.

I’ve run into a few snags this summer, my laptop got a nasty virus and isn’t functioning properly and my ipad isn’t set up to do blogging, but never fear, I’ve been busy putting together PowerPoints that you can use in your classroom.

I’m teaching 5th grade in an international school now and we are studying cells.

The Parts of a Cell - This PPT goes over all the different organelles. It is good for reviewing. I had the students take down the information and save to study for the test.

Organelles2- this PPT is based on the popular Who Wants To Be a Millionaire PowerPoint template.  Use it as a fun quiz right before giving test.


Literature Circle Response Cards

Literature Circle Reading Response Cards divide and chunk down the roles, so English Language Learners (ELL) can participate in Literature Circles in an authentic and meaningful way.

Literature Circles can be overwhelming even for native language speakers, but there is a way to get ESL students interacting with the text without having them freeze up in a panic.

Literature Circle reading response cards chunk down the roles in to manageable bite size pieces. I wish I could take credit for this one, but I happened to stumble upon it while browsing through the website.

While some of these TPT free worksheets may not be exactly broken down into chunk sized pieces, you can be the judge as to their usefulness in your classroom adapt them to meet your student’s needs.

Literature Circle Jobs

Non-Fiction Reading Response Cards

Guided Reading Prompt Cards


Read and Draw Silly Monsters

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Students read sentences about silly monsters and then draw them exactly like they are described.

Check out the two worksheets I developed for my first graders. They have to read a sentence about an imaginary animal and then draw it exactly as it is described.

G1 Greeperdorn – This worksheet has two imaginary monsters on it, the greeperdorn and the bumblesnap.  I’m going to use it to walk the students through the process and then they can take it home to use it as a study sheet.

G1 Woogle – There are two monsters on this worksheet, the woogle and the wubble. I plan on taking a grade on this one. Be sure everyone knows what a beak is otherwise there maybe some confusion.


Free ESL Simple Sentence Writing Worksheets

Sentence paterns make writing English a breeze.

Below are two free down loadable worksheets I put together for my first grade class.  They are a mix of the three sentence patterns we have been working on this unit.

  • _______ can ________ , but he/she can’t __________.
  • Do you like _________________?
  • Can you play________________?

Sentence Pattern Combo #1

Sentence Pattern Combo #2

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