Solve Math Word Problems

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Math word problems challenge ELL students to use math and language skills at the same time.


Math 16 Word Problems. Medium – This PPT contains 16 medium word problems.  I’ve broken down the equations,  so it will be easy to talk your students through the problems.

Unit Spelling Words

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What's the scoop? Well, the scoop is that each week the new spelling words will be posted in a PowerPoint that has links to the dictionary for definitions, pronunciation and oh, so much more!


Each week from now on, until the end of the school year,  I will post our new unit spelling words.  Even if you aren’t part of my class,  please feel free to download a copy of the PPT and use it in your classroom to reinforce spelling and vocabulary.

Next to each word will be a “click here” link. The link will take you directly to the dictionary where there will be the definitions, examples and a sound file that  students can listen to for the correct pronunciation of the targeted word.


Spelling Unit 15

Spelling.Unit 16

Spelling Unit 17

Spelling Unit 19

Spelling Unit 20

Unit 21 Spelling Words

Spelling Unit 22

Unit 25 Spelling Words

Unit 26 Spelling

Unit 27 Spelling

Unit 28 Spelling Words

Unit 32 Spelling Words

Free First Grade PowerPoint

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Students practice writing simple tense sentences using short, tall, fat, thin, young and old.

I’ve created a simple PowerPoint that focuses on constructing simple sentences. Click the link below to download. As always, all my PowerPoints are free.

Simple Tense – Short, Tall, Fat, Thin, Old, Young

Free Conjuction PowerPoint

Conjunctions are like box cars that link phrases, clauses and words together.

Below is a short PowerPoint I put together for my primary students on the proper use of using the conjunctions and, but, and or.

Conjunctions I

I created it specifically to compliment my Conjunction Junction mini-unit. You can check out the details here.

Free PowerPoint Templates

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Free PowerPoint templates are a fantastic way to spice up your classroom presentations.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I said that I would share with you all the free PowerPoint templates that are out there.

Just a word of advice before you go clicking away – some of the sites will require you to give your email address before you can download anything and they also my limit the number of downloads.

Regarding the free basic PowerPoints – to me, it looks like they are recycled from each other. So the point is, look around and choose only the ones you know you will use. You can always bookmark the site and go back for more later.

Presentation Magazine has a lot of very professional PowerPoint templates. Some of them are even animated! features several free PowerPoint templates every month so check back often. offers some very professional graphics at no charge. is a great resource for basic PowerPont templates. offers several pages of free professional PowerPoint templates. has loads of free basic PowerPoints to choose from.

Sonia Colmean’s Digital Studio offers some basic PowerPoints at no charge. is another great source for free basic templates.

Mixed Up Sentences

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Students learn how to unscramble sentences with these fun PowerPoint games.

Below are a couple of fun little PowerPoint games I put together.

It was written for students who struggle with sentence construction.

Since the mixed up sentences and answers are animated, you can stop and teach the grammar and/or reinforce proper sentence mechanics, but the main thing is that the students have fun learning English!

Mixed Up Sentences

More Mixed Up Sentences

Free Study Skills PowerPoints

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Do your students have effective study skills?

My colleagues and I are giving a study skills workshop for the upper school students this Friday. Below is a sampling of the PowerPoints we will be using.

American Style Learning Strategies -This PowerPoint covers the proper use of highlighting, how to use two column notes and concept mapping.

Study Skills PPT by Lynn Husen – This presentation covers all the basics.

Time Mangement Skills – A visually appealing presentation that offers practical time management suggestions.

Best Test Taking Advice Ever – I used this PowerPoint when I was  prepping the kids for the FCAT.


PowerPoint Game Templates

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Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and several other PowerPoint game templates are ready to be downloaded for you to use.

If you aren’t familiar with creating PowerPoints or aren’t as tech tech savvy as you would like to be, don’t worry. All you need is little practice and you’ll pick it up in no time.  Click here for an article with tips on how to incorporate PowerPoint games into your classroom.

In the meantime, I’ve scoured the web and compiled a list of popular PowerPoint games that are sure to be a hit. PowerPoint games are an excellent way to break up the monotony on review days and will go a long way in motivating students, but most importantly it will bring a smile to their faces.

Free PowerPoints

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PowerPoints are a fantastic way to capture your student's attention.

I love using PowerPoints in the classroom. Once you get the hang of it, you can knock them out fairly quickly. You can jazz it up with pictures, media and audio too. Also, there are lots of free PowerPoint templates that you can download to keep things interesting. (I’ll post more on that subject later.)

If using PowerPoints in the classroom seems like an overwhelming task then please read this article by Don L. Fisher and put your mind at ease. Also, I found this tutorial that will walk you through the process.

Now back to the topic at hand, there are loads of great free PowerPoints all over the internet. The problem arises when you are looking for a specialized topic, but if you are looking for general ESL PowerPoints then there are plenty to choose from.

Below are a few sites that offer free PowerPoints on general ESL topics:

Check out the links below, especially if you are looking for something specific in the content area:

And finally, click here for some really creative ideas for getting the students involved using PowerPoint presentations in the classroom.

The Gingerbread Man Free Reader’s Theater Script

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The Gingerbread Man isn't just for Christmas anymore!

I wrote a Reader’s Theater for my class a few years back because I was fed up with prospect of having to pay for a decent Reader’s Theater script. With that being said,  I’m willing to pass the script on to you at no charge. Just remember, that it is copyrighted by me, so you can’t republish it under your name.  Besides why bother? It’s free to use in your classroom or school production. Just make sure to mention my name somewhere on the script and/or program.

I have two options to choose from, a Powerpoint and a PDF document:

Cast of Characters:

  • GB – Gingerbread Man
  • N1 – Narrator 1
  • N2 – Narrator 2
  • N3 – Narrator 3
  • G1 – Grandmother
  • G2 – Grandfather
  • MM – Milk Maid
  • Goose
  • Dalmatian
  • Fox

I taped a classroom production of it back in 2008 and posted it on Click here if you would like to view it.

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