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Chinese New Year is a happy time of year. Why not get the kids excited about it with these fun filled of activities?

It’s my first Chinese New Year in China. Yippie!

Back home in The States, I usually celebrated the Lunar New Year with my Chinese friends. There was always a big celebration at the local university with lots of entertainment and yummy food.

Below, I have compiled a list of resources you can use in your classroom to help get the kids excited about Chinese New Year too:

Additional resources:

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I found this fantastic site that offers free MP3 songs to download. Lots of good stuff there. The kids will love it. Some of the pages have the lyrics posted.Very professional productions.

I love these gals. They are from my hometown area in Ohio.
I used to be able to get their stuff free online through Alta Vista.  th_m

This is a podcast site. It only has one song, but the descriptions he has about the listening activities sound like fun.

Here is one that may be useful. ttp://

If you scroll down and you will find the link to this page. and this page I listened to a few short clips. The music and lyrics are slow and pronunciation is clear.

Have you guys seen these videos? and this one

Here is a really adorable video. Quite a bit of choreography went into this production.

Here is a good one to do with older students. The teacher had the students listen to Yellow Submarine several times and then had them fill out the close activity. Here is the link to the cloze activity that goes with it. There is link to the movie right next to it. 

If you go to you can scroll down and find links to more cloze activities using music.

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