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Here are some graphic organizers I made for my first grade class. They are designed to go with The Story Box first grade curriculum which is published by the Wright Group/McGraw-Hill, copyright 2001.

If you don’t have access to these books,you can still use these graphic organizers to teach sentence patterns to the students. Just throw the sentence patterns up on the board and then plug in all the different choices that they can put into the blanks. This exercise is great for teaching adjectives, verbs, nouns and grammar.

I like to brainstorm the vocabulary with the class before I choose about five to focus on. This helps the exercise be more authentic and memorable.

The three graphic organizers below go with the book, The Monster’s Party. The sentence pattern is, I can _____ . Teach about the difference between nouns and verbs and how action verbs are different.

Have you ever been to a party

My monster can…

What is something you can really do well?

The group below is tailored to go with the book, To Town. The sentence pattern is,  I will go to _______ on my _______ , my ______ _______ .

I will go…

I will go quiz

This graphic organizer goes with the book, The Farm Concert. The sentence pattern is, “________ , _________ ” went the  ________ .

G1 farm concert baby animals

Once you understand how to create these type of graphic organizers, it is easy to do for just about any literacy related activity.

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Genki English just put out a new Thanksgiving song. Download it while you can. You don’t want to miss out on any Genki English jewels, trust me. The kids love Genki English.

Click here for some funny Thanksgiving flash cards.

I am into doing “sentence patterns” with the kids, so I tend to throw a “sentence pattern” up on the board, while one student asks a question and the other student answers it using the proper “sentence pattern.” It is critical that you circulate around the room and correct any bad habits or laziness on the students part.

This is what I’m doing with the Thanksgiving flash cards provided in the link above – the question is, “What is the ___ doing?” The answer is based on this sentence pattern, “The ___ is ___.” For example, “The pilgrim is hunting the turkey.” The flash cards say, “hunt the turkey” so you will have to modify it.

Reader’s Theater is always fun for the kids and helps improve fluency and confidence.  Here is a sample of three Reader’s Theater scripts –  The Meal Must Go On, A Turkey Takes a Stand, and Turkey Trotten,

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