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"The price of greatness is responsibility over each of your thoughts" – Winston Churchill

Here are a few sites that are designed to test your level of happiness:

The Happiness Test: How Happy Are You?

Authentic Happiness: Using The New Positive Psychology – Looks like you will have to register to access the quizzes.

BBC Happiness Test

Stress and Happiness Test

Oprah’s Satisfaction With Life Scale

Personal Alchemy’s Happiness Test

This is how I would use it in the classroom:

1. Print it out and test the students take the test. Then break them up into pairs and let them discuss each question, what they chose and why.

2. Cut and paste the quiz questions to Powerpoint slides. On each slide put the question and the choices. Then have the students number the questions on a sheet of paper where they will put their choices. After everyone has made their choices, put the scoring index on the screen and give them a few moments to score their results. After everyone is finished, you can flip back to the first question and ask them what they put down as their score. Additionally, you can assign someone to add up all the scores and divide it by the number of students in the class for an overall happiness score for the entire class.

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This resource is probably more suited for the little guys.

It is a great filler or transition resource or you could create an entire thematic unit based on many of these resources.

You will have to narrate this one yourself and then find pictures to go with it. Or you could cut and paste the story on a PowerPoint template and then upload the pictures. If you don’t have a LED projector, just find pictures to go with the vocabulary. Release your inner storyteller!

Animal stories without narration

The rest appear to have narration and/or other resources

Animal stories with narration

Book Pop – books read by the author

Tall Tales – Indigenous to North America

Mother Goose

Interactive stories for kids

I’m Reading – Folk tales, Myths. plays, and Chinese fables.

Clifford the Big Red Dog (popular with the preschool and early elementary crowd)

Reading Planet

Bernstein Bears (very popular – I watched the Bernstean Bears with my my BF’s 6 year old yesterday. I still have the song bouncing around in my brain.)

Between the Lions – excellent for teaching phonics. If I was teaching phonics, I would definitely use reading Between the Lions. By the time it came out my kid could read and  was no longer interested. IMHO it is a very high quality product.

List of links to storybooks online

Fable library – you could do an entire thematic unit based on fables

For the preschool crowd

Interactive story – you choose what happens next

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