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Sentence paterns make writing English a breeze.

Below are two free down loadable worksheets I put together for my first grade class.  They are a mix of the three sentence patterns we have been working on this unit.

  • _______ can ________ , but he/she can’t __________.
  • Do you like _________________?
  • Can you play________________?

Sentence Pattern Combo #1

Sentence Pattern Combo #2

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Classroom surveys are a great way to get your students speaking "authentic" English.

Amazingly enough, for the first time this year my first, second and third graders are all working on the same theme at the same time.

The worksheets I created are available for download. Just right click your mouse and click “save as.”

Fruit and Vegetable Class Survey – use this Word document to get the students speaking and writing English. Class surveys are always a hit. Just be sure to monitor them closely, to make sure everyone is using English. Typically, I have them write the sentences and that usually generates spontaneous conversations about spelling and grammar.

What Do You Want To Eat? – use this Word document to get students used to using new food vocabulary. You decide on which vocabulary words you want your students to focus on – the worksheet is divided up into categories. The students ask their classmates a simple question and they fill in the blank. I deliberately doubled it up so you can cut the paper in half and then have the students use their own notebook paper to write the sentences.

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The activities are built right into the PowerPoint. Bring some some extra paper along so you can create the menus and make sure the kids bring their notebooks and crayons with them too.

This year our Winter camp will be held in another building far away from the new campus, so we don’t have access to a copier. Fortunately, we will bring the LED projectors with us, so I decided to put everything on PowerPoints, instead of handouts.

Below are the three PowerPoints I used for camp. They don’t have to be exclusively used for Winter camp. Take a look at them and see if they could be useful to you…

Winter Camp 1.1 – This PowerPoint reviews when to use before and after, ordering food, descriptive food words and a few conversational activities that can also be used as writing assignments. I’ve thrown in a creative writing assignment too. The kids have to create their own menus. I’ve provided a sample Mexican menu on one of the slides, but you will have to search for your own Italian menu or use Luigi’s Italian menu instead. After the menus are done, they take turns placing their order. While one pretends to be the waiter, the other one places their order.

Winter Camp 1.2- This PowerPoint has lots of grammar and conversation exercises, as well as, a classroom survey. Everything is built right into the presentation. All the students need is a piece of paper, a pencil and an eraser.

Winter Camp 1.3- This short PowerPoint reviews some simple grammar and requires the student to identify several activities within a paragraph.

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Wacky English Conversation Starters

Check this out. I created these silly conversation starters that you can use to get your class talking. It is geared toward middle school students and up. You can download the powerpoint if you have access to a LED projector. If you don’t, don’t sweat it. You can print them out as “cards.” Go to the print option  and select the option that allows you to print each slide as a separate tile. Then pair up your students and pass out the “cards.”  In order for this to be a well rounded lesson, be sure to incorporate reading, writing, listening and speaking.  You can achive this goal by instructing the students to read the card aloud while their counter part listens. Then the students write their response and share it with their partner (and the class too - if time permits.)

If, for some reason you can’t download it click here and it will take you to the Teachers-Pay-Teachers site where you can download it for free.

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A video archive of animals. Watching these short video clips with your students will make great discussion starters.

Put on the board questions like:

What kind of animal is that?
What is he/she doing?
What is the owner doing?
Do you have a pet?
What kind of pet do you have?
What is your pet’s name?
If you don’t have a pet, what kind would you like to have and why?

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Our good friends at The Internet TESOL Journal have a large database of ESL conversation questions. They are alphabetically organized by topics such as – annoying things, tipping and your major American holidays.

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