G5 Social Studies Resources

We use Houghton-Mifflin’s Level 5 History-Social Studies textbook in my class.

The collection below goes with Houghton-Mifflin’s History-Social Science (United States History-Early Years) California Edition, Volume 1.

If you use the same book, then feel free to download the worksheets and PPTs I created. After all, “time is money” and by using these free resources, you’ll be saving yourself the time and aggravation of doing it yourself.

Please note, that I indicate where to find the information in the text following each question on the worksheets. I work with English Language Learners (ELL) in an English immersion environment and they need A LOT of scaffolding.


Here’s the key to the worksheets:

C = column

P = paragraph

L = line

For example, if you see (2C, 1P, L4) then it means to look for the answers/information in the second column, first paragraph, line 4.


Unit 1


Chapter 1

Core Lesson 1

Trouble From the Tropics – A compliment to page 10-11.


Core Lesson 2

p.14-15, Our Nation’s Resources  – A PPT that reinforces the differences between natural resources, renewable resources, nonrenewable resources and flow resources

Producing Peanut Butter, p.16 . 17 -A PPT that reinforces the  the differences between capital resources and human resources.

The Race for Solar Power, p. 20 – A PPT that encourages the students to consider a career in the solar industry.


Core Lesson 3

Regions of the US, p.22 – A supplement to p. 22-25.

Chapter Review Test, p.34 – This is a quiz  modified from page 34.


Chapter 2

Core Lesson 1

p. 38-43, Ancient Americans – This PPT is an overview of the key information presented in core lesson 1.

Beringia Description – A short paragraph the students can use to help them understand Beringia.

p. 38-39, Beringia Worksheet – This was designed to reinforce key information and details.

p. 40 – 41, Mound Builders – A worksheet that covers the development of civilization, as well as, the Adena, Hopewell and Mississippian Indians.

ANSWER KEY p. 40 – 41, Mound Builders

p.42-43 The Cliff Dwellers and The Aztecs - A worksheet that focuses on the Ancient Cliff Dwellers and the Aztecs.

ANSWER KEY p.42-43 Cliff Dwellers and Aztecs

p. 38-43, Ancient Americans Quiz - Here’s a quick quiz you can give your students. It covers Beringia, the Cliff Dwellers, The Mound Builders and the Aztecs.



Core Lesson 2

p.46-47, Pacific Northwest Indians – This worksheet focuses on the diet, dugouts, and totem poles of the Northwest Indians.

p. 48-49, The Tlingit - A worksheet that covers the Tlingit Indians, their dependance on cedar and clan culture.



Core Lesson 3

p. 55 Peoples of the Southwest – Cause and Effect Graphic Organizer – Puts the focus on the cause and effect relationship between the Hopi tribe and the dry dessert region of the American Southwest.

p.55, ANSWER KEY Cause and Effect GO

p. 56, Hopi Indian Main Idea Graphic Organizer – This graphic organizer helps the students focus on the vocabulary and identify the Hopi’s staple crops.



Core Lesson 4

p. 60-61, Great Plains Indians Comanche Worksheet – This Worksheet gets the students to focus in on key points and reinforces the vocabulary.


Core Lesson 5

p. 68-69, Peoples of the East – A worksheet that identifies the differences between the clothing and housing between the Woodland Indians in the northern and southern climates.

p. 70-71, The Iroquois – A detailed worksheet regarding the Haudenosaunee government that reinforces the vocabulary words on p. 70.

p. 72-73, Illustrate and label 5 main kinds of American Indian shelters –  A graphic organizer that requires the students to illustrate and label the 5 different  American Indians shelters.

p. 74 Visual Summary – A supplement to the visual summary section found on p. 74. It’s part of the test.

ANSWER KEY  p. 74 Visual Summary

SS Test – Use this test to wrap up the unit. It’s a modified version of pages 74-75 in the student’s book.


Unit 2

Core Lesson 1

Chapter 3 Unit Vocabulary-  A vocabulary PPT the students can use to create a foldable booklet

p. 84-85,, Marco Polo – A worksheet on Marco Polo and the Chinese inventions that he brought back with him to Europe and the details of Admirable Zheng He’s voyages.

p. 84-84 Timeline – A custom created worksheet used to focus on the timeline of events from pages 84-85

ANSWER KEY  p. 84-84 Timeline

p. 86-87 Mansa Musa - A worksheet with a focus on Ghana, Mali and Mansa Musa’s kingdom.

p. 87 Quiz – This quiz covers all the important highlights on pages 84-87.


Core Lesson 2

p.90 The Renaissance - A worksheet that covers the Gutenberg printing press and the new navigation tools that sailors used to explore the New World.

p.91, Worksheet – A worksheet that focuses on the new navigation tools that sailors used to explore the New World.

p.92, Worksheet  – A worksheet that covers Prince Henry of Portugal’s involvement in navigation, the creation of caravels, and the voyages of Vasco de Gama and Bartolomeu Dias.


Core Lesson 3

p. 96-97, Christopher Columbus, King Ferdinand & Queen Isabella – A worksheet that chronicles Christopher Columbus’ attempts and subsequent success in securing funds for his voyage and the Spanish Reconquista.

p. 98-99, The Colombian Exchange – This worksheet is designed to cover the Colombian Exchange.

Christopher Columbus RAFT – In this wring activity, the students have to write a letter to Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand of Spain telling them about his discoveries and accomplishments.  I already wrote the first sentence for the students, just to get the ball rolling.

p. 96 -101, New World Explorers Quiz – This quiz was modified from page 101.

New World Explorers Quiz


Core Lesson 4

New Explorers Trading Cards- A reproducible template where the students explain why the explorer is historically important and they Illustrate and label the explorer’s significant life achievements.

Timeline New Spain – This Graphic organizer is designed to get the students to think in chronological order regarding the events that took place in New Spain from 1535 – 1692.

ANSWER KEY Timeline New Spain

p. 100-101 Exploration Continues – A worksheet that covers the expeditions of Pedro Alvarez Cabral, Amergio Vespucci, Vasco Nunez de Balboa anfd Ferdinand Magellan.

European Explorers in the New World Timeline - Use this timeline to put the explorer’s expeditions into chronological order.

p.104-105 Conquest of Americas Worksheet – This worksheet covers Cortez’s underhanded dealings with the Aztec Indians.

p. 106-107 Exploring North America - This worksheet covers Ponce de Lon, Hernando de Soto, Francisco Vasquez de Coronado and Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca.

p. 110-111 New Spain Grows – A worksheet that covers Pedro Menendez de Aviles, Juan de Onate and Junipero Serra influence in the New Spain colony.

p. 112-113 Life in New Spain – This worksheet covers the treatment of American Indians under New Spain’s government.

p. 112 Friendly Letter to the King of Spain – This is a RAFT activity. The students pretend they are Bartolome de las Casas and write a letter to the king of Spain outlining the plight of the American Indian and pleading their case.

p. 114-115 New Spain Leadership Timeline – Students summarize the accomplishments of Bartolome de las Casas, Junipero Serra and Pope.


Chapter 4

p. 122-125 Northwest Passage  – This worksheet covers John Cabot, Giovanni de Verrazano, Jacques Cartier and Samuel de Chamlain.

p. 144 Chapter 5 Vocabulary – I put this PPT up on the screen and instructed the students on how to make a foldable booklet that they stored in their social studies pocket and used during the test/quiz.








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