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Globish, The New English



Globish is the new English.

Speak Globish!

“We thought we were speaking English, but we were not.”

My dad calls it “pigeon English.” You may also hear it referred to asĀ  Chinglish or Spanglish. It is a practical kind of English that is used by non-native speakers to communicate with other non-native speakers.

It may not be grammatically correct or pronounced correctly, but it is used as a tool to communicate. Unfortunately, sometimes misunderstandings may arise due to language inaccuracies, but I guess that is all part of the process.

As for me, I prefer Standard North American English (SNAE).


Author: Mary

Mary is a certified teacher in Florida and Ohio. She is certified in elementary education, art, reading and ESOL. The mission of this blog is to make your life as an ESL teacher a little easier. Sometimes text books can be nonexistent, boring or filled with errors, so it may be necessary to supplement your lessons. Mary's hope is that this blog will be viewed as a valuable resource in the EFL/ESL community.

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