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Ganbei! China embraces the English language

In an effort to promote internationalism, China is learning English. Over the next five years, all state employees younger than 40 will be required to master at least 1,000 English phrases, and all schools will begin teaching English in kindergarten. … Continue reading

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Expats asked to teach English in China

A non-profit social club in downtown Jing’an District is calling for expats to join them and provide free English lessons for poor children in the community because the English school they planned to work with has been closed. Bless. The … Continue reading

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China: Online English tutor is a lesson in adaptive advertising

Here’s how it goes… “I have a regular salary,” he says, reading lines off a computer screen. The voice-recognition software evaluates his answer: 100 per cent. “Would you describe your work as stable?” continues Lucy. “Yes. How long will it … Continue reading

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Beijing pushes for language victory

China: The Olympic city says it is ready to communicate with visitors, but an eight-year campaign to improve foreign language skills has had to contend with a resolutely monoglot culture, reports David Stanway for the Guardian. Read the full story… … Continue reading

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