I’d be delighted to have a chat with you over at the forums.

The forums cover many different aspects of teaching, from ideas to help newbies, exams, technology, through to forums discussing issues relating to teaching in specific countries around the world.

I’m there all the time and look forward to chatting with you.

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34 Responses to Forums

  1. Chris says:


    I registered weeks ago, with the email address provided here, and never received a confirmation email. I just rechecked to be sure. In addition, I cant re-register because the system says the email address is already registered(from my previous attempt, no doubt). Could you help me with this? This is the only way to contact you that I could find.


  2. david says:

    Hi Chris, sorry to hear that, I’ll check it out tomorrow.


  3. 31 says:

    careful or he might just let you into his forum

  4. david says:

    How’s Dubai treating you? Bet you’ve got a nice view of Dubai Maritime City from there.

  5. 31 says:

    Not in Dubai and the sea is more than a hundred miles from here. Can see the desert though. Not too many TEFULLers here though, thank God.

  6. PC Parrot says:

    Don’t tell me you’re back in Saudi …


  7. 31 says:

    Just a couple of hours drive from you

  8. PC Parrot says:

    Across a border?

  9. 31 says:

    same emirate

  10. PC Parrot says:

    Can’t be MZ then .. too close to the coast.

    If you’re where I think you are, you’re pretty isolated out there. Good deal?

  11. 31 says:

    pay and conditions are great but it is boring during the week

  12. PC Parrot says:

    Yes … so come Thursday, you’ve quaffed 2 litres of Mojito by 7pm and either have to go to bed early or stay up and get really pithssed

  13. 31 says:

    It is a never ending battle, when do you start getting wasted-straight after work or do you delay the inevitable and wait till a decent time, say 7 pm but then you run the risk of getting only a few hours kip before work. I miss the homebrew but still now I drink the real thing and get to look at the occasional Philipino girl.

  14. PC Parrot says:

    Tonight it’s a few (litres of) mojitos before, during, and after a roof-terrace BBQ .. from 5 onwards … and then it’s off to Trader Vic’s for a few more …

    Luckily they now have toilets in the garden – crossing the lobby of a 5 star hotel full of gruff looking locals and glamoured-up expats never sat that easily with me .. a slip up in the bathroom and, despite your best efforts to walk straight, your beige trousers would give you away ..

    Anyway, you’d like the South-American female duo that play there most nights – I don’t know how they squeeze it all into their outfits ..

  15. 31 says:

    I go to AD for a Philipino band and to get a Chinese girl. Another conundrum, do you get wasted and then wake up with a random girl and minus 500 Dirhams or do you delay drinking, do the girl and then get shot of her and drink but then you lose half the evening…. life eh

  16. 31 says:

    Sorry PC Parrot- I replied yesterday but geek deleted my message because it had sex in it

  17. david says:

    What ever would your wife say?

  18. PC Parrot says:

    500 Dh?

    Doing IELTS interviews, we’d have to bend over 10 times for that money .

  19. david says:

    I don’t know why you guys don’t continue the conversation on the forums.

  20. PC Parrot says:

    I thought 31 was banned.

  21. 31 says:

    I would love to continue this on the forums but I cannot be bothered to keep re-registering. They always ask for 500 but will usually settle for less if you can be bothered to bargain. IELTS God help us all, academic IELTS for elementary ‘students.’ TEFL is all about bending over.

  22. PC Parrot says:

    Those of ours who ‘succeed’ run around waving their IELTS 4.5 certificate in the air as if it were a winning lottery ticket.

    Most sane people wouldn’t bother to collect, let alone keep, something that certified them as ‘Officially Crap.’

  23. 31 says:

    I thought nothing could be worse than the Kingdom of Humanity but then I came to AD.

  24. Is this the forum, or is there a link. Is there much about language schools in there?

  25. 31 says:

    The facist kicked me off the forum twice, one with 31 and the other with Plumpton but Jerry and Henry Cowell stay on. Is David getting favours from those two?

  26. PC Parrot says:

    What did you get up to this time?

  27. 31 says:

    Nothing, just told the truth, TEFL is crap. Jerry gets to carry on with his abuse both on the forums and in Vietnam. Hey we have a day off tomorrow, no doubt you have too. Will rejoin from another IP address soon and carry on the fun.

  28. 31 says:

    telling the truth and dispensing advice.

  29. 31 says:

    daring to say that tefl wasnt a career ooooh

  30. Tony Tran says:

    I was in Vietnam.
    I have a job teaching English in Vietnam.
    Would you like to explore Vietnam?
    Teach in Vietnam:
    We are looking for teachers who are native English speakers to teach in Vietnam.
    Email : [email protected]

  31. 31 says:

    No and no.

  32. sib says:

    @31 and Parrot: You guys are funny :) !!

  33. E Haran says:

    Same story:

    I registered ages ago, with the email address provided here, and never received a confirmation email. I just rechecked to be sure. In addition, I cant re-register because the system says the email address is already registered(from my previous attempt, no doubt). Could you help me with this? This is the only way to contact you that I could find.

  34. Recruit 4 China says:

    We aren’t just foreigners doing recruitment in China … We are previous teachers with years of experience both teaching & recruiting. We’ve seen first hand the highs and lows of working in China, and that’s why we ensure to find the right job for you.

    Salary & Benefits of: Job ID = WZ120

    Language School
    Wenzhou, Zhejiang

    Hours: 24 hours per week
    Teach: Children’s’ Speaking,
    Students: Aged 5-14
    Housing: 1500RMB Housing Allowance
    Salary: 9,000RMB
    Airfare: 8,000RMB
    Other: overtime pay

    Benefits with all of our jobs:

    -All schools provide local airport / station pick up to suit you.
    -All schools have English speaking co-ordinators to help you settle in.
    -We are English and on hand to speak to at anytime.
    -Z visas are always provided and we help with the application
    -Contact with the school directly throughout the application process.
    -We are completely FREE.


    - Native speakers from UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland & SA
    - Aged 22-55
    - Minimum of BA degree (in any subject)
    - TEFL / TESOL preferred (not always essential)
    - Willing to work in China for 6/12 months.

    Please send at least a copy of your resume, degree and a recent photo to start the application process.

    Thank You

    James, Amy, Lucinda & Team @ Recruit 4 China

    Email: [email protected]
    Skype: recruit4china
    Twitter: @recruit4china
    Telephone: Cellphone: (0086) 1515 093 1803 & Office: (0086) 0518 860 843 52

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