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ESOL Students turn to essay writing services for good reasons

WORLDWIDE: Earlier this week news filtered through that students whose first language is other than English are particularly likely to turn to an essay writing service to at least help them in their writing projects. So, the question is… why is this so?


Not surprisingly, the main reason that many of these students are employing the services of websites like is that they are not entirely confident in their use of the English language. Rather than handing in a paper that will get graded down on the language, non-English speakers often turn to essay writing services to get that little extra bit of help in seeing how an essay is grammatically constructed in a way that is exactly relevant to their specific topic. The Effective Papers essay writing service exemplifies the type of service that such learners are looking for.


The second thing that stands out as far as reasons for using the Effective Papers essay writing service is actually nothing to do with trying to cheat. Many students who are struggling with English find that the linguistic issue really eats into their time and causes inevitable time management problems. Rather than seeing the essay writing service as a shortcut to getting a piece of work that they can hand in and pass off as their own, a great many merely see it as being a tool that has been written by a professional writer that they can then use as a format to follow when devising their own piece of writing. This is, therefore, merely a step viewed as help in the process and one which greatly aids in getting work in on time.


So, rather than merely sending in an order for a piece of work and getting it back in a timely fashion – which are natural parts of the service offered by writing services, students are utilizing this as a way of making sure their own work is as good as it possibly can be.

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Worldwide: What is IELTS? An introduction

Study English IELTS Preparation, is a series of English language programs which develops skills and strategies for intermediate to advanced learners of English – especially those preparing to take the IELTS test.

The content draws on authentic material that you can watch, read and listen to, plus study notes, tips and activities for practice and consolidation.

To find out more about the IELTS test and how to prepare for it, watch this Introduction to IELTS video.

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Infographic of the Week: The Digital classroom

This infographic from explores how textbooks could be the catalyst in making our classrooms a truly digital environment.

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U.S: Research for English Language Learners

MACOMB, IL: A five-year, nearly $1,000,000 project that helps future teachers in Illinois serve the state’s large population of English language learners. A $500,000 alternative crop research project that provides students with plant-breeding internships, as well as future green-energy career possibilities and has implications for helping displace many petroleum-based products. A $240,000 grant that helped to enable the construction of a new facility at a biological research and teaching station on the Mississippi River, which has allowed scores of students, PreK-college level, learn and experience how human activities impact ecosystems.

These projects, with the help of the Western Illinois University Office of Sponsored Projects, are ones that WIU’s innovative faculty members have carried out (or are currently working on) and support the University’s core values of academic excellence, educational opportunity, personal growth and social responsibility.

Read more here.

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Pakistan: Reasons why students choose to study abroad

In many developing nations, new research indicates, the necessity to study abroad is particularly high, as the level of home education is not very high. For this reason, a great number of students have a preference for foreign universities when it comes to furthering their studies.

A recent poll suggests these 10 most common reasons students are taking the plunge and studying abroad:

1.      Study in the UK enables you to learn about yourself.

2.      Study in Europe or North America develops your sense of the wider world.

3.      Study in the United States offers you the chance to break free from your regular scholastic habits.

4.      Study in England augments greater career opportunities.

5.      Study in the USA helps you build up important life skills.

6.      Study in Europe brings the prospect of making new friends all from over the world.

7.      Study in North America may boost the worth of your qualification in the eyes of prospective employers.

8.      Study in the UK is the most advantageous way of getting to learn the English language.

9.      Study abroad endows you with the prospect of traveling far and wide and seeing many novel places.

10.  Study in Europe and North America lets you experience foreign cultures first-hand.

While the report emphasizes that the procedure of locating the correct course of study, applying for the course, packing up your worldly belongings and jetting off to another country and culture are causes of great stress, the experience is generally considered to be fully worthwhile.

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Turkey: Zombies and their place in ELT

The latest TEFLGeek blog post is titled “The zombie apocalypse and its role in the ELT classroom”:  “From the always interesting yearinthelifeofanenglishteacher comes what is clearly the best blog post title of 2011:  ”The zombie apocalypse and its role in the ELT classroom“.

Word was spread about this teaching idea via Tyson Seburn’s 11 posts I wish I’d written  in December, but it is a truly inspired way of teaching speculative language – mainly focusing on conditional forms – through the medium of you tube “choose your own adventure” style videos”.

Read more about The zombie apocalypse and its role in the ELT classroom

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U.S: California Students Caught Cheating on Exam Had Bought Answers from Amazon

The latest article on is titled “Newport Beach, California Students Caught Cheating On Exam, Bought Answers From Amazon”.

The team says, “Students at a California high school have been caught caught cheating on a history exam by purchasing answers to the test from

About 10 sophomores at Corona del Mar high school in Newport Beach, Calif. purchased test banks, which provide chapter-by-chapter answers for the exam

Read more about this story here.

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World: 7 Tips to being a TESOL teacher

The great thing of being a TESOL teacher, notes Rida Afrilyasanti, is to know and explore other countries, recognize and experience different cultures and people while still earning money.

This path of career, suggests the EFL (English as a Foreign Language) website, really offers you unique rewards and challenges. Thus, to make you ready more on becoming a TESOL teacher have a look at these top tips:

  1. Learn any acronym, jargon, and anything related to TESOL
  2. Find information on TESOL career opportunities.
  3. Be qualified.
  4. Choose a school that you are in your interest.
  5. Catch up with current technology and engage it in your teaching.
  6. Deal with the culture shock.
  7. Make friends with the local people.

Read more detailed advice here.

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World: ESL students turn to essay writing services

Essay writing is capable of turning your student years into a monotonous and challenging time of life. Custom Essay Order is an essay writing service that assists students in terms of decreasing the scholastic encumbrance. Students desire more than enough time to be engaged in supplementary activities other than course work. Except for opening up extra time for students, online essay writing services are becoming increasingly popular as they are offering a degree of assurance in terms of academic success.

A key factor in the proliferation of essay writing services like Custom Essay Order is the ever increasing number of students studying in English medium universities: writing services are delivered by experienced English writing professionals. These writers are accomplished in giving the type of assistance that speakers of other languages need when preparing their written work in English. Such students have a model of academic English, written by an expert, from which to develop their ideas.

Importantly, freelance paper writers must be zealous, imaginative and have outstanding writing skills as far as following a line of investigation, use of language, organizational skills and their dexterity in document formatting are concerned. Custom Essay Order delivers papers that are tailored to individual needs and prerequisites. They always take into account specific specifications.

Inventiveness and creativity are fundamental considerations in academic essay writing. For these reasons, Custom Essay Order ensures that they offer unique freelance writing services. Each piece of writing starts from scratch and papers are put up against sophisticated plagiarism detection software. This service also has a sturdy quality control department who verify that the work is both original and not imitative in any way. Deadlines are a major ingredient in the levels of stress students have to deal with in their academic environment.

Another reason for the widespread success of online essay writing services like Custom Essay Order is that the primary goal is making sure that a customer’s needs are met.

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South Korea: Seoul to let all native English speaking teachers go by 2014

YTN reports that Seoul plans to gradually sack all native English speaking instructors teaching English at elementary, middle and high schools throughout the city by 2014.

A Seoul Metropolitan Council official said according to a poll, students and parents preferred Korean instructors fluent in English over native speakers, and that the council plans to slash Seoul Office of Education’s budget for personnel costs for native speakers. In the next fiscal year, the city plans to reduce the 30 billion won budget for native speakers by 4.9 billion won; it appears 707 native speakers—57% of the 1,245 total—will leave their schools.

Read more on this story here.

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