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South Korea: Seoul to let all native English speaking teachers go by 2014


Seoul to let all native English speaking teachers go by 2014 [...]

South Korea: A mature conscript teaching English


Tom Jang has been teaching English in a community center in Ilsan 1-dong in Goyang, Gyeonggi Province as part of his military service and is a celebrity in the neighborhood as a rather mature soldier.

According to The Chosun, he is teaching five classes, for adults as well as children. In addition to [...]

Seniors plan to teach English in South Korea


South Korea and America: Are you looking for a teaching job? Try going abroad, advises the Whitworthian. According to a recent article on the Florida Times-Union’s Web site, the “frightening job market is encouraging many college graduates to look abroad for work.” The article also states that “more students are inquiring about teaching overseas.” [...]

South Korea: IGSE to ‘Nurture’ Top Quality English Teachers


South Korea: I’m all for a bit of nurturing. The International Graduate School of English (IGSE), specializing in fostering English language experts, puts its priority on nurturing English teachers and experts who can communicate fluently in the language, declares the Korea Times.

IGSE President Park Nahm-sheik, pledged that his school will produce a [...]

South Korea: English ‘fever’ takes hold of pre-school education


South Korea: The Joongan daily notes how Art-One Society, an early-childhood education institute set up this March in Yangjae, southern Seoul, is representative of a trend sweeping Korea: exposing children to English as young as possible.

What distinguishes the institute from other English hagwon, or private institute in Korean, for pre-school kids is [...]

Korean sports stars and their ‘flawless English’


South Korea: After winning the recent ISU World Figure Skating Championships, Kim Yu-na was praised for her fluent English in interviews with the international press. The Chosun Ilbo reported that Kim’s “English teacher” was her mother, Park Mi-hee (52), who made her daughter listen to English-language education tapes every day during her three- to [...]

Native English Speakers get Orientation on Local Korean Customs


South Korea: Almost 110 native English speakers have been participating in an intensive training session in Seoul since March 26th, designed to deepen their knowledge of Korean language and culture, notes the Korea Times. After completing the course Monday, they are to be dispatched to schools around the country to teach English starting this [...]

English education Swedish style


Sweden and South Korea: ‘Today the English language level of the Swedish population is among the highest of all non-English-speaking countries in Europe. In Sweden we never imported English teachers from abroad,’ exlaims Ylva Olausson in the Korea Herald. ‘We never even considered it as an alternative. I believe the main reasons for this [...]

South Korea – Finding English at its Birthplace


South Korea and United Kingdom: There’s a popular Korean song, ‘Encounter,’ which resounded in the dining room during a farewell party for 20 elementary and 20 secondary school English teachers, who were finishing a three-week training program in Oxford, England, notes the Korea Times.

The three-week program aimed to expose Korean English teachers to [...]

Native English-Speaking Teachers: Making a Difference?


South Korea: English is playing an important role in Korea, but it can often come with a steep price tag. Last year alone, Koreans spent W10 trillion (US$1 = W1,427) at private education facilities. Now native English speakers have launched a non-profit organization called HOPE to provide free, safe and accessible language classes to [...]

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