United Kingdom: Mind your slanguage!

Cor blimey, guvnor:

“Young people are growing up with a new form of composite language. It’s a bit cockney, a bit West Indian, a bit West African, with some Bangladeshi and Kuwaiti – and it seems to be replacing traditional cockney.”

This is the flabbergasted view of Paul Kerswill, professor of sociolinguistics at Lancaster University, who has been studying street language in London. He claims an entirely new dialect is emerging.

Here are some examples of neo-cockney:

Nang/nanging – excellent
Hard, greezy - excellent
Allow it - let it go, stop
What’s good – hello
I’m ghost – goodbye
Chung, peng – attractive
Long – boring
Bare – lots of, very
Sik – cool
Moist or dry – awful, terrible

Read more about this debacle here, innit.

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3 Responses to United Kingdom: Mind your slanguage!

  1. Nicky says:

    Hey, I like these! Some of these (“sick”, “I’m ghost”, “What’s good”) is all straight from American hip-hop slang (and mostly New York hip hop, at that). The others are pretty damn amusing though–”greezy”(!), “nanging”(!!), and “moist”(!!!) especially!

  2. david says:

    Won’t somebody just think of the children!

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