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‘One-answer’ IELTS comes under scrutiny

United Kingdom: Academia’s leading language exam has won favour among immigration authorities, but that could be about to change if calls for more diversity in assessment gain a hearing, reports Max de Lotbinière at the Guardian. With international student mobility … Continue reading

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United States: When the Patient Gets Lost in Translation

United States: For over a decade now, notes the New York Times, researchers have documented the effects of language barriers on health care. Patients who speak English poorly or not at all face longer hospital stays, an increased risk of … Continue reading

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Venezuela to Discuss Bilingual Education

Venezuela: Inside Costa rica notes that a meeting on Cross-cultural Bilingual Education and Linguistic Rights will be held on Thursday in the capital, attended by Venezuelan teachers of the indigenous Karina, Yekuana, Pemon, Piapoco, Sanema, Jivi, Enapa, Wotuja, and Warao … Continue reading

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4 Stupid decisions your TEFL colleagues make and why they make them

Most of the people you know and work with persevere in making dumb decisions that they know are clearly wrong. The worst thing is, you’re a person that someone knows and you’re just as guilty of doing stupid stuff in … Continue reading

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India: A lab to enhance language skills

India: Though not a conventional laboratory with scientific equipment and the like, the Language Laboratory at the Brihan Maharashtra College of Commerce (BMCC) is well equipped to impart language training, suggests the Times of India. Established in 2007, the laboratory … Continue reading

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They keep us in a job #2

More from the folks who are in need of a little extra schooling. Can you spot the mistakes in each of these signs? [ad#underpost] Post Footer automatically generated by Add Post Footer Plugin for wordpress.

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South Korea: IGSE to ‘Nurture’ Top Quality English Teachers

South Korea: I’m all for a bit of nurturing. The International Graduate School of English (IGSE), specializing in fostering English language experts, puts its priority on nurturing English teachers and experts who can communicate fluently in the language, declares the … Continue reading

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6 pieces of Really poor job seeking advice that you should ignore and why

Here are six of my favorite pieces of piss poor job search advice, for you to read and ignore at all costs: 1. ‘Only send your resume via an online job ad or the school’s web site, anything else is … Continue reading

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Chinese are Learning English the Disney Way

China: According to the Wall Street Journal, Mickey Mouse has a new job in China: teaching kids how to speak English at new schools owned by Walt Disney popping up in the bustling city. The company says the initiative is … Continue reading

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Methods of teaching foreign languages PDF

‘Methods of teaching foreign languages’ is the latest in the series of free downloadable articles giving background information on the TEFL profession.This article looks at methods of teaching foreign languages: The grammar translation method, The direct method, The audio-lingual method, … Continue reading

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