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Uganda lays mother-tongue foundations

Uganda: The first-language teaching policy highlights the rural-urban education divide, notes the Guardian. On a hot Friday afternoon at Katine primary school, in north-east Uganda, Santa Awiyo points her large wooden ruler at the blackboard as her year-three pupils chant … Continue reading

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Seniors plan to teach English in South Korea

South Korea and America: Are you looking for a teaching job? Try going abroad, advises the Whitworthian. According to a recent article on the Florida Times-Union’s Web site, the “frightening job market is encouraging many college graduates to look abroad … Continue reading

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Another 4 Stupid decisions your TEFL colleagues make and why they make them

The follow up to my earlier article appears not on this blog but on Alex Case’s excellent TEFL Tastic. I did this for two reasons, firstly so that everyone coming here can find their way to this excellent blog and, … Continue reading

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United States: When a foreign exchange year goes bad

A foreign exchange student’s complaints over living conditions he encountered with a host family in Norwood Young America have prompted a state investigation that could lead to new legislation to safeguard visiting students. The Norwegian student complained that he had … Continue reading

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Breaking a TEFL contract before starting?

Over the the ELT World forum, Naturegirl321, author of the excellent TEFL Tips blog, recently raised this issue: ‘So here’s the thing, After six years I’ve learned to have a backup plan. Something always goes wrong. For example, here are … Continue reading

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Japan: Schools cancelling overseas trips because of swine flu

Japan: According to a report in the Daily Yomiuri, many schools may cancel or postpone summer trips aborad because of swine flu. Some schools may make trips inside Japan instead of going overseas. Both parents and teachers are becoming increasingly … Continue reading

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Moving home

After a few years of TEFLing you’ll probably have accumulated a great many personal items from around the world and will at some point need to move them all to a new location. A lot of research indicates that the … Continue reading

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It's Hot Potatoes charity month

The following is a message from Martin Holmes, the creator of Hot Potatoes, which is probably the best tool for creating online teaching exercises and one I’ve been using for years: May is Charity Month for Half-Baked Software, which means … Continue reading

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United States: English-only schools to make a comeback?

United States: The U.S. Supreme Court is now considering one of the most consequential cases about civil rights and schooling in two decades. At stake are the rights of English language learners (ELLs), and the responsibility of state governments and … Continue reading

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English for Career Development: Japan and the English Language

Japan: Yomiuri notes that with the rapid progress of globalization, the English language is playing a growing role in people’s lives. This special section takes an overview of how Japanese interact with English, by featuring several individuals who utilize their … Continue reading

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