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Teaching English in Italy and TEFL Jobs in Italy with TEFL Certification

By Luke Fisher

In this article, Luke Fisher delves into the Italian TEFL scene and what you might expect to find in the country:

Teaching English in Italy is a great way to explore an amazing and diverse country. There are TEFL jobs available throughout the country, in many different teaching areas, for those with TEFL certification. Italy proudly boasts fabulous opera and art, ancient monuments, and a history that stretches back thousands of years. Whether you choose fashionable Milan, or ancient Rome in this relatively small country, you’re never too far away from, verdant rolling hills, alpine skiing and great beaches. The primary language in use is Italian, however, it may be useful to note that most Italians can communicate in Spanish. Outside of the main tourist areas English is not widely spoken, thus there is a great demand for teachers teaching English in Italy.

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There are good TEFL job opportunities in Italy for English Teachers, as many high-school students and adults seek to improve on what they have available to them via the state. There are a large number of language institutes ranging from elite academies, where experience, TEFL certification and a degree are a requisite, to small-scale language schools where only a TEFL qualification is required.

Italy has many, many famous cities such as Rome, Florence, Milan, Naples, Venice and Bologna. Each city is very distinctive and has its own history and character. Breathtaking art and architecture is everywhere, but the more rural areas such as Tuscany should not be forgotten as it has a great charm all of it’s own. Italy is a relatively small country in European terms, and good public transportation means that it’s easy to plan plenty of excursions from wherever your TEFL job is located. If you wish to teach in a state or private high-school you may need to have a degree, but TEFL certification is often enough. Some TEFL jobs in Italy require two-years’ language teaching experience, but there are always opportunities available for newly qualified TEFL teachers wanting to teach English in Italy.

In the main you will find yourself teaching students of varying ability, even within the same class. Hence, expect all ranges of ability. The challenge, particularly with children, is in motivating them. It is also a task to cope with varying levels of ability within the same class. Nevertheless, Italians can be great fun to teach, and can be very enthusiastic if approached in the right way.

For those seeking TEFL jobs in advance there is no over-arching list of the hundreds of language schools which exist in Italy, and one’s best resource is the Italian Yellow Pages and obviously the internet where many TEFL jobs in Italy can be found. The new arrival, with a TEFL certificate planning on teaching English in Italy, would do well to consult the weekly English language papers: Wanted in Rome and Metropolitan.

Whatever way you look for work it is important to remember that life comes to a halt during the month of August, as with many other European countries. Therefore, your travel plans should be arranged to avoid looking for TEFL jobs during the month of August. Although it is useful to complete a TEFL certification course during this period and beginning a TEFL job from September when many employers are hiring teachers for the new academic year.

When agreeing to a TEFL job contract for a position in an institute it is very important to thoroughly read your contract, and check what it stipulates. Remember what is important to you – accommodation, class size, salary, etc. and try and ensure these are adequately catered for in your contract.

It can be the case that some state schools are not prepared to go through the difficult process of hiring native English-speaking teachers wanting to teach English in Italy from outside of Europe. However, in many cases it can be easier to place teachers from the US in TEFL jobs than from other countries, such as Australia and New Zealand. Non-EU citizens should check with the Italian consulate in their native country to look for language exchange programs, etc. Americans may wish to contact there local visa authorities. You should be aware of the fact that the reciprocal social security system that exists within the EU means that high schools are required to register their staff for a social security card and also pay part of their contributions. Many individuals teaching for institutes are ‘freelance’ or self-employed. Therefore, the individual is responsible for paying his or her own tax and social security. New arrivals planning on teaching English in Italy are required to register with the police, arrange a bank account into which their wages will be paid, and also obtain a tax number from their local tax office.

For Americans it is worth a little investigation to see if there are TEFL jobs available through the US military. The military employs lots of civilians and may be able to process work permits, etc. for you. In addition to this student visas are also an option. Working your way through the bureaucracy you will need original certificates of any qualifications you have, along with passport photos, birth certificate, and passport.

Once you have completed a TEFL certification course for teaching English in Italy there are a great many options that will be open to you in cities throughout Italy. Italy is a wonderful choice for TEFL jobs and offers the opportunity for a rich and diverse experience while teaching English to a keen and motivated people.

About the author

Teaching English in Italy and TEFL International provides TEFL courses and TEFL certification leading to TEFL jobs and teaching English abroad. English teaching jobs are available in countries all over the world.

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Teaching English in Italy and TEFL Jobs in Italy with TEFL Certification, 5.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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6 comments to Teaching English in Italy and TEFL Jobs in Italy with TEFL Certification

  • Hey, I was looking around for a while searching for security certification course and I happened upon this site and your post regarding Teaching English in Italy and TEFL Jobs in Italy with TEFL Certification, I will definitely this to my security certification course bookmarks!

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  • Since 2007, the Italian regions of Campania, Calabria, Puglia and Sicily have been awarded Europen funds via the P.O.N. (Programma Operativo Nazionale).
    Teachers interested in working directly with state schools on P.O.N. contracts should do some research on job availabilities with participating schools. At 50 – 60 Euro per hour, it’s worth the effort it may take to secure a contract.

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  • Kate Ryan

    It is true that in Italy many state schools have been awarded EU funds, but be careful…the schools may pay you up to 6 months later.

    By the way, would anyone like to take over my taching job in Genova, Italy? I’m looking for an experienced TEFL teacher. Thanks

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  • david

    Thanks for that Kate, although it’s a bit of a shocker.

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  • fs


    I am just about to move to Genoa and want to do a TEFL course, the only course I can find is The Language House. Kate do you know if this course is any good? Whether it is well respected or not, I can not find any reviews of it.
    Also can you give me any idea how easy/hard it might be to find work around Genoa. I will some teaching experience and will hopefully do the course there…
    any help would be much appreciated

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  • Dilan Ravi

    We are interesting to work with you.

    I am Dilan from Sri Lanka. We have clients to migrate to Italy,Canada ,New Zealand & Australia. They are seeking study visa, work permit, and visit visas. We go through web search and we find your web site and mailing address. Could you please send me a contact details. Please send me the details what are the visa category you are doing. What are the countries for you are offering Visas. what is the cost, What is the time period it will take to complete, and what are the documents you are requiring, once we will come for the arrangement we can give you 10 to 20 clients for group and we can give you 2 to 3 groups for a month.And we doing this business since fifteen years. We are ready to deal with you. If it is possible please reply me as soon as possible.

    waiting your reply

    Thank You.
    Company- Overseas Study Center. Sri lanka
    Address- 28/2/A, Galle Road, Colombo-6 Sri Lanka .
    Skype ID : dilanravi
    [email protected]
    [email protected]

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