Christmas is big deal in Western countries and I’ve compiled a few links to help you put together a fun lesson. ┬áThere are lots of ways to approach this fun holiday.

You could go for a multi-cultural theme…

Santa Clause around the world

Here is a link to a page at Hot Chalk. There are tons
to chose from. They’re divided up by discipline.


Pictures of screaming kids sitting on Santa’s lap. It’s funny – what can I say? You could cherry pick a few of them and ask conversational questions like:

  1. Why is he/she crying?
  2. Do you think he/she is afraid of Santa?
  3. How old were you when you first sat on Santa’s lap?
  4. What do you want for Christmas?
  5. What is your favorite Christmas charity? Why?

…You get the idea…

Santa cam – maybe you could catch him. He wasn’t in when I checked. Probably out delivering Christmas gifts.

Best Sites for Adult ELL’s
This one looks real good. Totally appropriate for an adult intermediate class.

Oh, this one is good. I used to get their free downloads in my inbox all the time. It is worth signing up and then archiving the lessons for future use (just in case.) Scroll down for the Christmas activity.

Listening activity

Fluff Stuff
You could use this as a time filler. The videos (that I looked at) on the site were non-verbal and professionally done.

Santa at the North Pole

This is the link to the official NORAD Santa tracker. My BF’s hubby actually pulls this one up to get the girls excited about Santa Claus. You could throw it into the lesson as a transitional activity. While you are preparing for the next activity. ┬áTell the students that you are going to do a “random Santa Check.”