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The Advantages of Teaching English in Korea

By Ron Marks

English teachers have become on very high demand in Asian countries over the past few years. Parents want their children to speak English as a second language and companies want their employees to communicate better with international partners. If you’re an English teacher and would like to travel to a foreign country in Asia, teaching English in Korea would be the perfect opportunity. Just imagine yourself traveling and working in a foreign county, exploring the surroundings and making new fiends. If you want to teach English in Korea, at you’ll find a wide variety of jobs and all the information you need.

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South Korea is one of the rapidly growing Asian countries, with a plethora of opportunities for native English teachers. Situated in the North-Eastern part of Asia, South Korea is a flourishing country only 200 kilometers away from the Japanese coast. Koreans have a very vast culture and society, with a powerful Confucian tradition that persists even today. The people of South Korea are known to be very friendly, hospitable and open minded. As an English teacher in Korea, you’ll have the chance of making many new friends. If you’re looking to teach English in Korea, has plenty of opportunities to offer.

So why is teaching English in Korea so popular these days? The reasons why many young graduates choose to teach English in Korea are numerous, including a better pay check and traveling opportunities. Fresh out of university, many native English speakers are strongly attracted by the prospect of living and working in and exotic foreign country such as South Korea. Whether they’re having trouble finding a satisfactory job in their native country or simply are drawn to the idea of living somewhere else, teaching English in Korea is something more and more people are tempted to try out.

English teachers in South Korea have become an important part in promoting better communication between cultures. Non-English speaking locals are now encouraged to learn and speak English as a second language. Major corporations are also recommending that their employees learn English for business purposes. Native English teachers from countries such as the US or Canada are invited to teach English in Korea and learn about the Korean culture. Prior teaching experience is not a must – a communicative nature and desire to learn is what’s more important when taking up a teaching job in a foreign country.

Have you ever considered teaching English in a foreign country, such as South Korea? The advantages of taking up a teaching job in Korea are numerous, both on financial and personal levels. Teaching English in Korea will be especially appealing if you’re interested in traveling and learning about new cultures. At you can find out more about how you can teach English in Korea.

About the author

Ron Marks suggests, through experience, that by teaching English in Korea you can explore a foreign country and get paid for your teaching abilities. Visit our website and learn how you can teach English in Korea.

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2 comments to The Advantages of Teaching English in Korea

  • Good pitch for teaching in a dynamic, important, and fascinating culture. May I add another reason why I’ve considered teaching English in Korea?
    As a longtime resident of Los Angeles and university English teacher, I’ve had the chance to meet and work with many Koreans and Korean-Americans. Many possess intense intellectual curiosity, self-awareness, and a strong sense of ethics. This combination often makes Koreans excellent students since they want to both excel on exams and develop their natural abilities. I’ve been quite impressed with the resilience, focus, and determination of many Korean students that I’ve worked with in adult, college, and university classes. Therefore, Korea remains one of countries where I hope to teach one summer.

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