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South Korea: Animosity against English teachers in Seoul

Picture this scene, if you will: ‘It all started with a Halloween party at a bar in 2004. Most everyone was wearing a risque costume; the women were showing a lot of skin. Many foreign English teachers attended. When the … Continue reading

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Native English teachers establish a labour union in Incheon

South Korea: In an intriguing news item from the Korea Times, a labour union, comprised of native English teachers working for a hagwon (Korean language institute), has been established in Incheon, with representation from a legal expert on labour. Amazingly, … Continue reading

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South Korea: Non-Natives Frustrated in Finding English Teaching Jobs

South Korea: The Korean government recently announced that it would open English language teaching positions to people from the Philippines and other countries that use English as official language, reports the Korea times. However, what remains to be seen is … Continue reading

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