Get Your American Football Fix Here!

30 Nov

I grew up in Ohio and let me tell you we are football crazy there. I kid you not. It is all about the football. I remember many crisp autumn evenings at the football stadium in my hometown, freezing my rear end off. But, it was fun. My best friend’s dad was the football coach. I went there to socialize and she, well, she went there to root the team on. Now that my son is a teenager, he is all about the football too.

With that being said, I have posted  a few links for nostalgia’s sake.  So, if you are stuck in a foreign country and there is no American football to be had, why not get your football fix by dedicating a thematic unit to (wait for it, drum roll please) FOOTBALL!

Okay let’s kick off with a link to the NFL…

Click here to go to a link to the National Football League (NFL)

Click here to view the inspirational movie trailer for The Blind Side

Click here for a site that gives lots of biographical information and includes clips from Fox and other sources, including the transcripts.

Click here for a link to an National Public Radio interview  describing how Michael Oher is the “perfect” position of left tackle.

Click here for a link to the New York times article called, The Ballad of Big Mike.

Click here for a concise rundown of the basics of football.

Click here for a copy of a printable worksheet.

Click here for a link to a talking point worksheet that asks the question, “Is Football a Waste of Time?”

Click here for a link to another Football worksheet.

Click here to go to a link  to an online grammar quiz focusing on the noun record and the past simple and past participles of win and lose.

Click here for a fictional conversation full of sports idioms.

Click here for a link to page that describes an American Football ESL game.

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