DepEd spearheads English training of South Korean teachers

Philippines and South Korea: 50 Korean teachers recently completed the first part of their training on English teaching facilitated by the Department of Education. The English teaching training was part of an agreement with the Busan Metropolitan City of Education where it donated US$6 million worth of computers for Philippine public high schools, state colleges [...]

Philippines: English accents and globalization

There are now a good number of language institutes in the Philippines that specialize in teaching people how to acquire a desired English accent. In addition, many business call centers have in-house accent training departments that drill prospective call-center agents on the English accent the call center specifically needs.
Read the fully accentuated story…
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Philippines: Korean teachers are here to learn English teaching

For several years now, Korean children have been coming to the Philippines to attend English camps. Now it is the Korean teachers’ turn to come and learn how to teach English and use English for teaching. The first batch of Korean teachers arrived Tuesday last week for a month-long training in English teaching. Education and [...]

Philippines: Teachers learning better English

More than half of public school teachers have little or no training in English, according to a senior Dept. of Ed official. The Oral Communication Enhancement Program (OCEP) intends to address this decline. The program, which seeks to calibrate the English language competencies of public school teachers, covers three areas: English Grammar, Speech Communication [...]

Filipinos Relearn English from Peace Corps Volunteers

Using songs she herself had written, a 25-year-old American Peace Corps volunteer is teaching high school students how to speak good English.
The Peace Corps volunteers in the Philippines say they are simply serving as “catalysts” in the combined effort by the government, the private sector and international agencies to improve an ailing public education system. [...]

What Every Filipino should Know

The PINOYWORLD blog describes itself as being the blog that gives the info that every Filipino should know and, I’ve got to admit, if I were living in the country it would be one of the places I’d turn to for info, such is the comprehensive list of information offered here.
Sino ako?

Pinoy, as I have just [...]

No to Grammar Translation in Japan

SELHi in Action / No Japanese Translation in This Class
In 2005, the Asahikawa Kita High School was designated as a curriculum research school (foreign language) by the National Institute for Educational Policy Research. The school changed its English teaching method from a conventional grammar translation method to immersive English education. Although the institute’s designation expired [...]

What up TEFL Asia?

Here are the latest TEFL headlines from Asia. Head over to the ELT World News blog for more:
China: Crazy English
India: How Good Are We in English?
Sri Lanka: Arming the People With a Weapon of Choice
Malaysia: English Language Project a Success
Perspective on Bilingual Educational System in Brunei
Guam English Language Proficiency Standards Developed
Malaysians Urged to Master English or Lose Out to WorldSouth Korea: Taps Into Global [...]

Around the Asia TEFL World in 80 seconds

China: Crazy English
Accompanied by his photographer and his personal assistant, Li Yang stepped into a Beijing classroom and shouted, “Hello, everyone!” The students applauded. Li, the founder, head teacher, and editor-in-chief of Li Yang Crazy English, wore a dove-gray turtleneck and a black car coat.

The classes were part of a campaign that is more ambitious [...]

Manitoba TEFLer Found Dead in Philippines

A Canadian tourist was found dead in a hotel parking lot in the Philippines early this week, according to a local newspaper in Cebu City, reports Police identified the person as 55-year-old Robin Cook of Virden, Manitoba, who was a guest of the hotel. His body was discovered at 5 a.m. local time Monday. [...]

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