India ‘Cascades’ Skills to Close Language Gap

India: Parents across India recognise the importance of English to their children’s futures but the state education system is struggling to keep up with this new demand, notes Guardian Weekly. Those charitable rogues at the British Council are helping to set up cascade training programmes that it is hoped will improve English language teaching skills [...]

Experts stress on right method of learning English in India

India: Experts argue that English cannot be taught through Bengali medium and the earlier system of teaching English in state-run schools was faulty.
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Sri Lanka and India: ‘English for Employment’ project fast-tracked

The concept of anything being ‘fast-tracked’ should be enough to send shivers down the back of any self respecting language teacher. So, it’s with heavy heart that I report how fifty thousand school leavers could be targeted by a special project launched by the state in collaboration with the BoI and sections of the local [...]

India: British teachers to equip Punjab teachers in English

Under an exciting new agreement with the University of Wolverhampton, teachers from Britain will now train ‘class X’ teachers in Punjab government schools in the noble art of teaching the English language, the World Sikh News reports.
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India: Foreign students to take PU’s own language test

Indian students applying to foreign universities are usually made to take English proficiency tests, mainly International English Language Testing System (IELTS) and Test For English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). The Panjab University has now decided to return the favour. Foreign students enrolling themselves here would now have to pass the university’s own English proficiency [...]

Get that accent right with Bangalore’s English teachers

From her online classroom, Sadhana Govindraj provides her students spoken English and accent training sessions for two hours a day in the evenings, the Thaindian News reports. With the help of headphones, mikes and net-enabled computers, students get to view and interact with their teacher to hone their English-speaking skills. Her students are a motley [...]

India: Cabbies Get Games Makeover

If everything goes according to plan, New Delhi’s taxi drivers, autowallahs, security guards and hotel waiters will turn into polite speakers of English by 2010, just in time for the Commonwealth Games. The Union tourism ministry is devising a scheme to teach them “good English” keeping in mind the expected invasion by English-speaking visitors for [...]

India: Speaking Perfect English

Mikids is a phonics based English language learning program for children. It comprises of interactive software, with colourful and visually appealing characters that lead children through a world of stories, songs, drama, and rhymes. The aim of the program is to ensure that a child can speak English fluently with proper pronunciation and intonation and [...]

Hinglish: The language of urban India?

Aimed at understanding the Indianisation of English, ‘Chutnefying English’: A Hinglish Conference at The Grand Hyatt in Mumbai in January 2009, is about how the English language in India is undergoing a significant transformation in its grammar and vocabulary, as it borrows from colloquial Hindi in its day-to-day parlance.
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India: English language courses sell like hot cakes

Where Hindi meets angreezi, there goes the bizz! Our social complexes give top priority to learning this language. As a result, English language institutions are mushrooming and every seven out of ten institutions offer English language training in India. As the demand is surging every nano second, these private institutions are playing with the vision [...]

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