What up TEFL Asia?

Here are the latest TEFL headlines from Asia. Head over to the ELT World News blog for more:
China: Crazy English
India: How Good Are We in English?
Sri Lanka: Arming the People With a Weapon of Choice
Malaysia: English Language Project a Success
Perspective on Bilingual Educational System in Brunei
Guam English Language Proficiency Standards Developed
Malaysians Urged to Master English or Lose Out to WorldSouth Korea: Taps Into Global [...]

Around the Asia TEFL World in 80 seconds

China: Crazy English
Accompanied by his photographer and his personal assistant, Li Yang stepped into a Beijing classroom and shouted, “Hello, everyone!” The students applauded. Li, the founder, head teacher, and editor-in-chief of Li Yang Crazy English, wore a dove-gray turtleneck and a black car coat.

The classes were part of a campaign that is more ambitious [...]

Classic Chinglish Cockups

Chinglish is widely recognised as being the hybrid of Chinese and English, often creating mesmerising results. I’ve been lucky enough to have been in email correspondence with Jimmy Ng, who I’m pleased to say is a regular reader of the blog. He sent me the following clip, which had me on the floor in stitches:

Thanks [...]

TEFL Breaking News

India and China: Great wall of opportunity
More than 1,000 Indians have moved to China to teach English. A one-month crash course on the internet is all it takes. Read the full story…
United Kingdom: Museum for English
English is the first language of 350-400 million people, and an effective second language for maybe 500 million more. By [...]

TEFL News from around the World

South Korea: The Korea Times – English Education Needs to Start at Earlier Ages
The English frenzy in Korea has produced many popular teachers who are good at helping students get higher scores in English tests. A famous former English instructor says some of these “star teachers” are misleading English learners. Read the full story…
China: Livemint [...]

English’s Bleak Future

So, we think English will be the all-dominant language forever, do we? Not bloody likely, if Nicholas Ostler is to be believed in his recent article for Forbes:
The status of English as an international language appears unassailable. It is simultaneously pre-eminent in science, politics, business and entertainment. And unlike any of its lingua franca predecessors, [...]

English villages in Taiwan

Taiwan’s first English language village has recently opened in Taiwan, where Taiwanese children go twice a week for English immersion classes.

The Happy English Village features themed classrooms: a bank, a hotel, an airport waiting room and a coffee bar amongst others, and attracts 120 students. It was the idea of a non-profit organisation called the [...]

China in words and images

After my recent post praising Raoul’s China Saloon, I’ve decided to give a short retrospective on China. Apart from the ever impressive forum, many of my posts on China have been video clips, one of my favourite ways of getting to see how people live and teach around the world. First up is a Typical [...]

Saloon or Cafe?

I’ve always thought of myself as being more of a saloon man than a cafe dweller, and Raoul’s China Saloon has confirmed it! The Saloon is an excellent forum based on TEFLing in China. Naturally, being a one-country type of forum has enabled Raoul to specialise a bit more than the worldwide forum here at [...]

A Typical Day in Shanghai

I’ve never visited China, let alone considered teaching there, so, as ever, it’s great to see a video clip like this to get an idea of what it’s like:

I’d love to hear from anyone in Shanghai who has anything to add to this ‘typical day’.
This clip was produced by BridgeTEFL, a commercial provider of TEFL courses in [...]

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