Hong Kong secondary schools may revert back to teaching in English

China: Up to 80 Hong Kong schools could be given the choice of switching back to teaching in English, eleven years after a “mother-tongue” policy ordered them to teach in Chinese, government officials confirmed Friday. The Earth Times notes that the proposal, submitted to lawmakers on Thursday, is aimed at improving English-language standards which have [...]

ETS and Nokia to Create New Ways of Learning English in China

China: MarketWatch.com notes that the Educational Testing Service (ETS) has joined with Nokia to launch English learning courses specially designed for Nokia phone users in China. Designed by ETS teaching and testing experts, the courses are comprehensive, useful and easy-to-learn. They contain English tests, business English and survival English packages.
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CCTV Cup English Speaking Contest drops curtain in Beijing

China: Over the past four days, 23 college students, reached for eloquence, engaged in spirited repartee – and competed for supremacy in the final rounds of the CCTV Cup English Speaking Contest. The final competition, at the CCTV studios, Wednesday evening was intense. Six finalists battled for the highest honor in China’s ultimate test of [...]

Learning English the Disney way in Shanghai

The Shanghai Daily notes how the Walt Disney Co has opened a Disney English teaching facility in Shanghai that combines Disney’s famed storytelling and fun with original stories and songs written just for Chinese kids. The small English-immersion classes are given by tutors from North America and bilingual assistants at the school on Maoming Road [...]

China: English speech contest attracts millions of students

The 14th National English Speech Contest has attracted two million college students in its online preliminary selection since opening three months ago. Liu Xianghong, a Ministry of Education official, said the competition not only gives students a platform to showcase their language skill, but also encourages Chinese schools to improve communication-oriented teaching methods of English.
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China: Results of English learning speak for themselves

The faces of a boy and girl from a famous children’s book are showing up on a variety of fanfare. But the popular characters whose mugs adorn a growing number of T-shirts, schoolbags and stationary are not from any best-selling novel or comic series – rather, the lovable lad and lass hail from the 1990 [...]

Beijing pushes for language victory

China: The Olympic city says it is ready to communicate with visitors, but an eight-year campaign to improve foreign language skills has had to contend with a resolutely monoglot culture, reports David Stanway for the Guardian.
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A China-US connection in Minnesota

When Xuewei Wu taught English at a Chinese university last year, her superiors were so impressed with her creative teaching style that they asked where she had mastered it. Her answer: Century College in White Bear Lake — a place none of her colleagues ever heard of. But not anymore.
Thirty-two English-language teachers from Soochow University [...]

The Top 8 Reasons to get Started Learning Chinese

China (PRC) is experiencing a period of speedy economic transition, one built upon the back of a phenomenal catch-up, but which has also triggered a chain of social and cultural changes that will be on display for the world to see as we approach the 2008 Beijing Olympics.
With businesses now rushing to China (PRC), and [...]

The Curry Chicken Picks the Rice

…in Chinese restaurants, which comes as quite a surprise, I can tell you. Thanks again to Jimmy Ng who is sending me some classic stuff via email. Click here to take a look at more examples from the bizarre world of Chinglish!

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