Free downloadable vocabulary resource available

The first of my free downlaodable classroom resources is now available: The Vocab Stress Game is a great kinesthetic activity you can use to practice the correct placement of stress on multi-syllable words.
More on vocab at David’s Vocabulary Resources.
Comments welcome!

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20 Great Links for the TOEFL Exam

Hi. This post has moved here.

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Breathless beauty: the secret of undiscovered Bolivia

South America remains an enigma to me, a place I’d long to visit, even more so after reading this. In a fabulous account of teaching in the continent, Jacqueline McEwan shares the secret of undiscovered Bolivia, but, she says, don’t forget your oxygen mask:
If I’m unlucky my day starts with the electronic beep-beep I loathe. [...]

Is Vietnam the new Spain?

I had the privilege of taking a long six-week vacation in Vietnam in the mid-nineties, and got to explore almost all of this beautiful and fascinating country. This was many years before I got involved with English teaching, although very few foreigners were their at that time for anything other than sightseeing and ‘backpacking’. The [...]

Free Book: Intercultural Resources Pack for Latin America

The joint BBC / British Council website, Teaching English has made available a free pdf downloadable book entitled the ‘Intercultural Resources Pack for Latin America’
From the website:

This Resource Pack provides practical activities for teachers to be used in the classroom primarily in Latin America, although these can be adapted to suit other [...]

Strategic Alliance #1

I’m very pleased to announce that I’ll be showcasing the work of one of the stars of our profession, by delivering you regular extracts from TEFLTastic with Alex Case.In this extract from the Advice for teachers section of his website, Alex comments on the ever dangerous subject of nationalism, and the pitfalls of it rearing its ugly head in the [...]

Israel: 22 years of teaching

In Israeli higher education, there’s one general trend that is clear: increasing numbers of Israeli students are going on to some form of higher education. Israel has been creating a system of regional colleges to cope with the growing demand for higher education. There were 22 such colleges in 1999. Many students also attend foreign [...]

Teaching approaches: using L1 in class

In my guide to English Teaching section of the blog, I’ll be looking at everything you want to know about teaching languages: Classroom management, English for specific purposes, Grammar and vocabulary, Professional development, Teaching approaches, Teaching materials, Teaching skills and Teaching technologies. First up is an article on the use of the mother tongue in [...]

One day teaching in Taiwan

If you’ve ever thought about making a major move and trying something drastic like going to South East Asia to teach English, video clips such as these will give you a valuable insight into what kind of lifestyle you could expect. Although I’ve been teaching English for many years, I’ve never done so in this [...]

What’s the DELTA course like?

One of the reasons I set up my guide to the DELTA section of the blog is because there isn’t really that much information out there for people planning to do the course. I wanted to bring what little I could find together to make this as valuable a resource as possible for you.Over at [...]

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