Malaysia: Government mulls 2011 implementation of new policy to teach science and maths

The Malaysian government, still not content about the amount of damage it’s done, is considering bringing forward the implementation of the new policy to replace the Teaching and Learning of Science and Mathematics in English (PPSMI) to 2011 for Year One pupils. However, notes The Sun Daily, this will depend on ’several factors’ such as [...]

The TEFL ‘Catch 22′ and how we can escape it (part one)

A couple of recent Alex Case articles have addressed the issue of pay in TEFL and its implications. I greatly enjoy Alex’s blog, as those of you who come here regularly will know, but I feel I needed to respond to his quick brainstorm over this issue. This may make for depressing reading but there [...]

South Korea: British Dulwich to Offer 3 Language Courses

Not that offering courses in three (that’s 3) different languages is any kind of record, but prospective students of Dulwich College, scheduled to open in Seoul in 2010 will have a chance to learn three languages at the same time. I know, you can scare contain your excitement.
Fraser White, executive chairman of the Dulwich College [...]

United States: Winooski refugee influx brings praise and concern

Vermont: The Burlington free press reports that ‘History is repeating itself in Winooski in the form of a wave of new immigrants. About a third of the students in the Winooski public-school system are English language learners, School Superintendent Steve Perkins said last week.’
This, apparently represents a 20 percent increase when compared to the [...]

5 things to think about when you’re freelancing

Freelancing exists in all walks of life and might well prove to be a great way for you to earn a decent living as an English teacher. It’s a difficult way to survive if you’re only living on freelance income, but it can make for a healthy supplement to your day job. In my time [...]

To get medieval on their asses or to not get medieval on their asses?

I’ve also posted this over on the ELT World Forum as I’m looking for as much advice on this as I can get. Basically, I’ve just been lumbered with absolute beginners at the beginning of the new academic year. Apart from anything else, this has scuppered several research projects I’d had in the offing, which [...]

Are you in a TEFL slump?

‘People on this board almost always seem so cheerful and upbeat,’ notes atlantean on the ELT World forum. ‘Have you ever questioned the soundness of your decision to get into TEFL? I don’t have much to complain about, but the reality of the job and living overseas isn’t quite as fulfilling I had expected. I [...]

The Wade Robins comedy column: ‘Make Your Carrier In Teaching Overseas’

There are many people churning out articles on the web, some for whose English is, quite frankly, not up to the task. The reason for doing this is to basically write on a particular subject and then add links within the text to up your web site’s rating. Of all the people I’ve come across [...]

Eating out in your new country: Advice from a former chef and waiter

You’re in a new country, you’re working split teaching shifts and you need to eat. Chances are you’re not going to settle into a cooking routine too quickly, if at all, so you’re probably going to eat out at least once a day. Bearing in mind you might have trouble enough adjusting to the local [...]

10 simple but stupid things to avoid doing in your new job

You’ve just moved to a foreign country and started a new job. I’m guessing you don’t want to be sacked, right? If you turn up drunk, you’re probably not going to get into the good books, but commit a stupid, simple faux pas in your new professional context and it could be more than just [...]

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