Secrets of Those that Do the TEFL Hiring

What you need to ask at your TEFL interview 
In March, Mishmumkin raised an issue of great significance to those of us who are looking for that dream TEFL job or are considering starting out in the profession: ‘If I’ve done my research correctly I should know a great deal about my potential employer before the interview. I’m curious what those who do the [...]

Life in mid Volga Russia

Larry Paradine offers the following information on the mid Volga region over on the Russia and Ukraine forum:
I’ve lived and worked in Russia for most of the last ten years but, although I’ve spent short periods of time in the capital and the western Urals, my stamping ground is the riverine area from Nizhny [...]

How to be a Good Online Tutor

Are you thinking about hosting an online course for the first time? Maybe you’ve already taught online but are looking for some tips to help you become more effective? As TEFL teachers, this is an increasingly good opportunity for us to generate income. Here are a few points for you to think about…
One thing is [...]

Is Dave’s ESL Cafe to Blame for Unsavory Schools?

 Katie, the lamentably retired TEFL Logue blogger, discussed the issue of whether or not TEFL job sites contribute to the proliferation of the poor conditions that exist to such a large degree in our industry/profession. As I’m going to add my thoughts on this matter, I’ve pasted the blog entry below:
The topic of [...]

Issue 3 of Horizons: Available for Download

Here are highlights of what you’ll find in the new, action packed edition of Horizons:
What Would Motivate you to Take a New Job?
What do we want from our jobs? There must surely be a reason for us to move on to bigger and better things at one time or another. So, what are our motivations? What [...]

What is a Lesson Plan?

Finally, I continue my occasional series of files that aim to make the world of ELT a better place. For those of you new to the world of teaching, this new PDf file might give some pointers as to what lesson plans are all about:

Sorry for the lack of tasty treats recently, there’ll be more [...]

What would motivate you to take a new job?

The poll on what would motivate us to take a new job has now closed and it seems that one factor was much more important than all of the others.

So, it seems we’re all in it for the money. Can that really be true? Here were some of the comments left on the forum:
TheLongWayHome, [...]

Methods of teaching foreign languages

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Is it OK to Speak Engrish?

Language Transfer, (also known as L1 interference, linguistic interference, and cross meaning) is most commonly discussed in the context of English language learning and teaching, but it can occur in any situation when someone does not have a native-level command of a language, as when translating into a second language. So, if you speak [...]

The Critical Period Hypothesis

What is it about being a child that enables us to learn our first language so well? This issue is discussed in the latest in my series of free downloadable articles, the critical period hypothesis:

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